[Reported] Despond drains mana from immune troops


Troops immune to mana drain are getting drained

Despond’s passive ‘Creeping Gloom’ drains mana from mana drain immune troops and heroes

always happens

just make a team with 4 Desponds and attack it with Monk and 3 Malcandesas and wait for AI to make 4-5 match


What team setup were you using? Do you have a screenshot (or video capture if possible) that we can analyze?

We should at least rule out the first two “usual suspects” that are Stun and Curse (both of which allow bypassing enemy Traits), Curse being the easier one to miss during a fast-paced battle.

This would not be the first time Despond’s final trait has been bugged.

Can confirm this happens. Used same team as OP and other troops that are immune to mana drain.

Creeping Doom trait will still drain mana from them. Even with just 1 Despond on opponent team.

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Confirming the bug (both Android and Steam)

Before a 4-match

After a 4-match



Thank you very much for posting this issue. This interaction defiantly shouldn’t be happening, I’ve let the Development team know about this so they can start working on getting that fixed!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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