[Reported] Stone Zombie haphazard behavior

Platform, device version and operating system:
Nintendo Switch 16.0.3, GOW 6.9.5

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Stone Zombie is supposed to convert 4 stone blocks into gargoyles, and then explode a gem. Hence, when I use it in Sea King’s Lair, which has exactly 4 stone blocks, I should expect every stone block in the exploded area to give a gargoyle effect.

However, in practice, it sometimes gives the gargoyle effect and sometimes doesn’t.

In the above screenshot, the two stone blocks are visually exploded without turning into gargoyles, and no gargoyles have been applied.

In the above screenshot, two stone blocks have been exploded. The right side block is just beginning to turn into a gargoyle when being exploded; it gives no gargoyle effect. The left side block applies an evil gargoyle effect.

(I have recorded movies and can clearly see that the gargoyles are not being applied. There are clear visual differences between this and bad status being prevented by enemies’ immunity; the latter is not the case.)

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

This happens inconsistently; about half the time?

Steps to make it happen again

Use Stone Zombie’s spell to explode stone blocks while leaving fewer than 4 stone blocks, preferably in Sea King’s Lair.

This bug significantly hurts the glory troop’s utility; it urgently needs to be fixed.


This can also be tested (in any mode) by pairing Stone Zombie with Chromite Sphinx (+2 stone blocks), Nyar’mel (+3), Medusa’s Ring (+4), or Medusa herself (+8).

It’s actually a rather common problem when certain spelltext doesn’t imply the correct order of effects, for example, Spiritdancer (spelltext implies it’s convert color first summon second, but it’s actually summon first convert color second, i.e. the summoned Troop benefits from the color conversion). Part of the problem may be the UI must prompt the user for a target before the spell can proceed at all, but this may or may not be the first effect the spell actually performs.

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The wacky thing about this case is that, it sometimes works this way and sometimes that way. You can even explode two stone blocks, and one gives a gargoyle and one doesn’t (as illustrated above).

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Probably a timing issue similar to triggered heroic gems flying towards troop portraits. It likely explodes and converts in parallel, depending on how fast the conversion animation finishes on your device you either get the gargoyle gem effect or not.

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Hello :slight_smile:

Just a heads up that I’ve let the development team know about this issue.

I have just observed an occurence where:

  1. Enemy Medusa makes 8 stone blocks.
  2. I use Stone Zombie and target 3 stone blocks in the explosion.
  3. The 3 stone blocks exploded with no gargoyle effect. 3 other stone blocks converted into gargoyles.

When I look at the recorded video, I can see a few frames where the game attempted to create a gargoyle at one of the exploded stone blocks. The point worth noticing is that, this has not forced another of the remaining stone blocks to be converted into a gargoyle, even though there were two of them available. In other words, it is not just a matter of one of the spell effects being resolved before or after the other; they were being resolved simultaneously, mingled, messed up. Parallel processing at its worst.

To spell it out:

  1. The game picked one of the stone blocks in the explosion area as a target for gaygoyle convertion.

  2. Before the conversion could be done, the imp of parallel processing jumped in and blew up the block.

  3. The conversion failed because the stone block is no longer there.