[Not a bug] Gargoyle gems not replaced when mana gems are created

Platform, device version and operating system: Android (Samsung Galaxy S22)

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Every time that a spell “creates gems”, the gargoyle gems seem to be immune to replacement. I believe that stone blocks are also immune to random replacement, but I was not expecting gargoyle gems to get the same treatment.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Has been happening since gargoyle gems were introduced, but I wasn’t sure until I started creating hundreds of brown gems with Chalcedony.

Steps to make it happen again
Go crazy with Chalcedony in the Journey event! No matter how many times you cast her, those gargoyle gems will not be replaced with brown gems. Is this working as intended?

It’s worse when doing Explore 12 on Hellcrag. Chalcedony can loop and annihilate your team like its nothing because the gargoyle gems don’t disappear and they’ll fill up the board and cause constant 4x matches for the AI.


Working as intended - Same thing happens with stone blocks, bomb gems, elemental stars, potions, etc. And as with bomb gems and stone blocks, they can’t be matched so if you don’t explode them they’ll just keep building up.

Hey all,

@Garrisundal beat me to it, but Gargoyle Gems cannot be targetted by transform/create X Gem spells.

Currently in the process of reviewing our Heroic Gem article to:

  1. Include Gargoyle Gems, as it looks like it had not been published yet. While they are only in this current Campaign, handy for future reference!
  2. Write some more detailed breakdowns about how Heroic Gems are interacted with to help clear up any questions such as these in future and give some more clarity to their mechanics!

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Thanks! That clears things up a bit.