[Reported] Rowanne - your Doom in TOD

Nintendo Switch

Rowanne losing all armor
Soooo… I was using Rowanne on current low lvl TOD event, in the Boss room if Rowanne gets Deathmarked after having Barrier, there’s a good chance Rowanne looses all its armor all of a sudden… which is almost the same as saying, lost match.

Again, if this happened in explore would be “tolerable” but in a guild event where we buy gem tiers to lose matches to bugs: NOT fair…

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This seems fair enough, tbh. If a Barrier is supposed to block the triggering of a Deathmark (which it does), it’s a bit weird that you still lose all of your Armor.

To clarify, I can confirm from previous experience that this is the behaviour that occurs when Deathmark triggers on a Barriered troop (Armor → 0, Barrier removed, Deathmark remains).

I imagine this is because stripping Armor (e.g. Rope Dart) doesn’t count as damage, currently, while damage to Life would, and Deathmark is probably coded to do both (just speculation, though).

Maybe an easy way to ‘fix’ this (depending on what’s intended) would be to remove the Armor stripping part from Deathmark (if that’s a thing) and just have the damage to Life (as a Troop will still die at 0 Life even if it has 1000 Armor). Then Barrier would still block the triggering of a Deathmark without having all Armor removed.


Barrier isn’t supposed to block Death mark. So if that’s actually happening… Then it’s a bug.

Oh and to the OP.
Though this may seem hypocritical since I only use the bug report template when I feel like it could be an issue related to my device. (I feel like I’ve been playing long enough to know the difference for the most part.)

Salty seems to want this before offering any assistance:

Platform, device version and operating system:

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
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How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
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This was a change made a while back by popular request. I’ll try to find the patch it went live in.

Edit: Haven’t found anything official mentioning it though unofficially Tacet was talking about it in a thread from May 17 about how Barrier blocks Death Mark but not Devour (that was added the following month in the 3.0.5 patch). I’ll look again more later.


May 2017? I need to pay better attention…

I just had a Deep Golem die to a Deathmark yesterday. I would have tried to Barrier it
more often if it would have prevented Deathmark from killing it. Maybe I did, again, I need to pay better attention.

Sorry to clutter what is a Bug Report, but if this is indeed “Working as Intended”, then perhaps we can change it to a “Feature Request”, because:

Like what Jonathan said: Why should a troop lose armor from Deathmark? Realistically, the troop dies or it does not die. The Armor remains. It’s not like the armor has been rendered useless as from hack and slash attacks or pounded to dust from a warhammer.

I’ve asked the devs what the go on this is, but from my nebulous memory I’m pretty sure we changed it to work like this.

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As in if a troop has barrier, but death mark is applied and inacted. Then a troop just loses its armor?
Does the barrier go away as well?
And if the troop has no armor then does death mark kill the troop despite the barrier?

I can see the niche possibility of how in 4+ years of playing. I’ve never saw it happen before. Or at least not noticed it. But it doesn’t exactly make sense mechanics wise either.

I’m all in favor of positive status effects negating negative ones to truly make the game interesting though.

Like an Enraged troop that can’t be entangled. An enchanted troop that can’t be silenced. Reflected troops also gaining stealth. Barrier troops being immune to death mark and devour but lose barrier if either get cast on them. Submerged troops being immune to freeze, poison, and burn. (They are under water right? :person_shrugging:) I think that’s all folks.

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Just got this during a Pet Rescue. I didn’t watch exactly what happened, but I think Rowanne lost all their Armor and Barrier, but Deathmark was still here.

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I just tested it. Death mark proc’ed against hero with barrier. Barrier was removed, armor was removed, death mark remained. I can upload video of it if desired; I recorded it.

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Can confirm this behavior still exists as of v6.7 - my footage:

For me, this only ruined one attempt at a Dungeon boss, but I can definitely see the frustration if something like this happens during a Delve or (sigil-based) event.


  • If Barrier is intended to block Death Mark, why does Death Mark strip Armor when barriered? This is non-intuitive to the player and there is no in-game explanation (e.g. tooltips?) to confirm intentionality.
  • Or, if Death Mark is intended to cause Lethal Damage™, should it not apply regardless of Barrier? (Lethal Damage dispelling Barrier was a relatively recent balance change)

Thanks for the video @Stratelier
I’ve reported this to the team and confirmed with them that lethal damage should penetrate barriers.

I will ensure the help center mentions this as well in our status effect and immunity traits article and I’ll put in a request for the in game help text for barrier to have this info too.

Reflecting on this more, the primary confusion is that (in current versions) there’s no visible indication that the loss of Armor was due to Death Mark triggering. There are many times where the bug is something appears incorrect but is operating correctly under the hood (exact definition of “correct” aside), simply because the game does not properly communicate this to the player.