Another day, another cheating AI

came back to see the new changes, but all I see is the same old cheating AI

0:18: Rowanne’s armor drops from 271 to zero, for absolutely no reason. death mark is cleared by Medal of Orpheus proc but somehow armor and barrier both vanish into thin air along with it. (armor then rises to 1 due to Reinforced trait)

like, I get that if it doesn’t siphon money from the playerbase, it doesn’t rate

but it’s a sad statement when you’re so focused on riddling your game with cash-grabs, that you can’t be bothered to make your AI follow its own rules


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Looks like Death Mark triggered. DM doesn’t kill if the target has barrier, it reduces armour to 1 instead and eats the barrier. Orpheus is calculated after Death Mark.

I believe that’s just how they designed it and is ‘working as intended’.