[Reported] Possible bug: Bounty gems earn no gold for enemies maybe?

I just had a fight, where the enemy exploded a bounty gem. Instead of the little gold coin, it dissolved just in a puff. Before the enemy was at 0 gold, afterwards too.

I was a bit hurried (late in a pet hunt), so I could not check this too much in detail, and a simple screenshot of a battle stat screen would not have helped either.
Would someone else maybe run a few practice fights against a couple of Leprechauns or something to countercheck, if I noticed this correctly?

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Can confirm. Enemy exploded booty gem through a doomskull and did not get any money.

This will directly affect troops that steal gold and indirectly affect other things that rely on gold:

  • Grimmoira
  • Quickpaw Jack
  • Rattigatar Cutpurse
  • Fennec Thief
  • Street Thief
  • Bandit
    And the weapon:
  • Plunder and Peril
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