[BUG] doomskull and wrong enemy

Thanks for account recover , i can play this game after 3 years afk,but in these 2 months i find many unpleasant BUGs .some of these have been reported by other player. but i find 2 other .Here is the BUGs description and how they trigger :
BUG 1 doom skull explode before 4 or 5 gems matches

refer to BUG1.jpg, if 3 skull (contain doomskull) and any 4 or more gems matches at the same time. if i DRAG the RED gem ,doomskull will explode first then 5-red gems match fail (3 of these 5 gems destroyed and no extra turn after this turn). But what confuse me is that: if i DRAG the SKULL rather than red gem in this case, i can get an extra turn. I think it’s a bug.

BUG 2 wrong enemy in quest mode

refer to BUG2.jpg . You can see i use dragon souls battle with invasion tower in quest mode,that is crazy! After my test ,i find out how this BUG triggers:
in guild invasion mode, i edit my troops and upgrade one of this, in the traits menu ,when i click a traitstone, i can move to a country ,when i move to a country have not finish quest yet and want to finish quest to farm traitstone,this BUG triggers. my quest enemy was replace to invasion mode enemy, even a gnome appears! I think this BUG maybe also trigger in boss raid mode and bounty mode.

that is the all 2 bugs i find and want to report , and i hope it can be fixed. GOW is a good game, i love it,i hope it will be better after these BUG fixed.

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Thanks for your report! We fixed the former issue (bug 1 with the doomskulls) with the update of 3.6. Please ensure your game is updated. If it happens again, let us know - we tried to reproduce/replicate the problem and couldn’t see it happening.

Regarding the second issue, a bug ticket has been created for our QA team and development team to investigate, so we will look into this in the future.