[Reported] Please Urgently Fix Personalised Daily Offers

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All PC/Mobile

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I could explain the problem in gory detail, explain why it’s such a serious problem for late-game players, and offer detailed solutions. But that’s not my job.

One of the worst things you can do in a game (like Gems of War) that is based on the principle of constant upgrading and growth, is to introduce something that counter-intuitively interferes with your growth. In this case, it is easier to grow if you DELIBERATELY RESTRICT the Power level of certain Kingdoms.

Fact is, there are now four Kingdoms in this situation, and you have still done nothing about this problem, despite it first being reported in May 2020. WTF?!

In case you don’t remember, the problem is that we are being given Personalised Daily Offers that do not actually help us upgrade our Kingdom Power at all. And that these Personalised Offers are preventing us getting the offers we actually need: Imperial Deeds.

Please, please, please understand just how serious this is to all late-game players, and design a fix for the three different aspects of this bug by the end of this month. It really is that urgent. (If you don’t believe me, ask any late-game player.)

If @Sirrian or @Nimhain would like some help from me identifying the specific problems and proposing a range of possible fixes, please do not hesitate to contact me.


To add a bit to this, suppose I fell into a pit on my way to the movie theater, to watch Fast and Furious 10. Every day a person shows up and throws in a flyer for the local laundry, to help me get my clothes cleaned once I manage to get out. Unfortunately, that same person also keeps telling everybody else willing to hand me the ladder lying right outside the pit that I’m perfectly fine where I am and definitely don’t need any further assistance.

I can probably live off earth worms and rain water for another 10 years, at which point those flyers will probably have piled up high enough for me to climb out. But I’d really prefer see the Fast and Furious 12 they are showing by now, together with all my friends who managed to avoid falling into the pit a year ago.


100% urgently fix! Power level 23 is like the 13th floor in horror movies.

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Not only is this preventing possible imperial deed offers or anything else remotely useful, my Arena offers are nothing but ingots and kingdom helper too, so it’s a double f*** you.

Are all your blue weapon upgraded? Could that be the reason you are seeing ingot offers?
As for event keys, I don’t recall where I heard this but troop offers seem to key in on a kingdom where all your troops are not fully leveled - including elite levels.
I know this may not frustrate you less, but it’s what I’ve done across with my guild. I also have 2 kingdoms at 16 so I could increase their power levels - that’s where I’m at in the game.

Yep, all but my Doomed weapons are fully upgraded. I’m getting all types of Ingot offers because Ghulvania requires one more weapon for 23(?) stars. That would be the $5 weapon that I’m not going to buy. However, even if I got that, Ghulvania still can’t be upgraded further yet.

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It’s also incredibly… funny… Yeah, let’s say funny… that I got medal offers every day for months.

Now that I actually need to medal troops (5 to bronze, 10 to silver) and am low on medals, guess what my offers are (for those who don’t already know)…

If you said “copies of troops you already have at mythic” you were correct.

How does that make sense?

I dunno, but probably for some reason “working as intended” or “not a bug but a QoL issue”. Probably been addressed before somewhere…


Yep, that’s exactly right. Just one of the issues.

Can you beat my ingot offers? I literally get it every single day @Starlite

Yep. Sometimes I get a single Event Key offer instead.

Am I the only one who feels @Saltypatra did not take this seriously in today’s stream?


Sad to hear this was the case. I often feel like the devs are completely out-of-touch with the section of the playerbase that does not consider itself casual :pensive:

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Hey there everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve reported this with the Dev Team :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


Thank you so much, @OminousGMan :heart_eyes:

The way I see it, you’ve known about it for over a year, but it was only last month that it really hit the fan for late-game players.

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This wasn’t my impression. I think it’s more that she already knows. What gets worked on isn’t her call though so there was no info for her to add. Still worth the community to keep talking about it though. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

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Okay. Hopefully GMan will be heard.