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[PASSED ON] Daily offer for already Mythic Troops

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**What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When receiving daily offers I got one for ascending troops. The troop offered I already have Mythic and 700+ copies of
How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Today is the first day it has happened

Steps to make it happen again
Since I was able to upgrade Zaejin to Power level 21 is when it began. Do not know if other daily offers will be the same issue until each reset


This was first reported several months ago, the game erroneously gives daily troop offers if the ‘medal 5 troops to bronze’ requirement for the next kingdom power level isn’t fulfilled.

Ohh! Is that the reason?! Thanks @Avathar :sunglasses:

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Though not in the “proper format” I did report this as a bug before Kafka changed my report to a “feature request” and labeled it “not a bug” prior to it being put on the known issue list. 🤦 Lol

I was trying to see what date exactly I reported it to see if it’s been closer to 4 months or 3 months to fix it. But I don’t think there’s a way to tell the exact date.

So essentially players are penalized for advancing their kingdoms. If they don’t classify it as a bug then they think it is meant to happen? I shouldn’t have to grind for resources and fight RNG to medal 5 troops to make it go away. If I have 757 copies of something and it is fully traited and ascended the goalposts shouldn’t move to fully medaled too

That’s the unfortunate circumstance currently being experienced. But the devs are aware now that it’s actually a bug and just were unable to fix it before the last client update. Hopefully :crossed_fingers:

  1. It’s enough of a priority ahead of ways to make more money to spend time fixing before the next client update.
  2. They are actually able to fix it.
    Otherwise we will continue to see it every time a new kingdom reaches that level.
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The work-around is to Bronze some Common troops from that kingdom.

While having a workaround is good overall it doesn’t change the issue that instead of a daily offer of the medals needed to bronze said troops it takes up a spot to offer a quantity of troops I already have and don’t need. It also could cost someone their gems if they don’t check their troops numbers before buying or just not understand why their kingdoms aren’t advancing when the daily offer says it should


I totally agree. Just wasn’t aware if you knew the work-around.


You can mouse-over the date in the top right corner of a post to see the exact date and time.


So, I’m assuming that because I won’t needlessly medal 5 troops I don’t want or need to I will lose one of my daily offers from here on out?

If you do Arena for the deals as well, you will be hit by the troops offers alot, they’re quite common imo

Thanks for trying to help. But I only use the forums on my phone.

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Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: The kingdom offer check is currently miscoded to offer troops instead of medals for "Medal X Troops to " requirement. If the offer was correct, it would be offering C/R/UR medals instead.

Regardless of the issue at hand, the game is checking for 5 bronze medaled troops from that kingdom. Whether or not the presented offer is correct or not, the requirement to clear the bronze medal hurdle remains unchanged. So, yes, you would still have to medal 5 troops to bronze to get rid of the incorrect troop offer or the future intended correct medal offer (although a medal offer can still appear in the second slot, even if there are no valid kingdom offers).