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[REPORTED - Need some more information] - Kingdom teleportation

Bug: Attempting a battle in one kingdom can sometimes transport you into another.

See attached screenshots - attempted mythic boss battle in ZK, got teleported into Whitehelm instead.


All I see is your gold @StormriderX :grin:


Had this happen to me trying to start a new run in Suncrest. Got teleported back to Shentang, where I had just finished a run.

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Finished e12 Darkstone went to e12 Blighted Lands

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Blighted Lands e12 attempt

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I had the same thing happen a few moments ago. First did Explore 12 in Forest of Thorns, after that I wanted to do in Khaziel (following 20% mythstones). Only after the 3rd fight I realized, that I was still fighting Forest of Thornes enemies :joy: Well, returned to map, Khaziel was highlighted, went back into Khaziel and fought one battle against Khaziel enemies, but on the screen with the rewards it showed “Forest of Thornes Battle 1” (no Screenshot, sorry). Did another fight WITHOUT returning to map, this time again Forest of Thornes enemies, and that is now the screen I´m seeing:

So I get 71 Mythstones (without 20% bonus, obviously) for Battle 2 in Forest of Thorns. :exploding_head:


Ok, that is another weird issue… Next fight was a mythic boss fight against King Bloodwood and his foes.

After that, I went back to map of Krystara, then back to Khaziel, where the Mythstone bonus still was. The explore screen told me, I had 3 battles remaining, so I started one - relief, Khaziel enemies. But after the battle, the screen again showed “Forest of Thornes Battle 2” :scream: Ok, back to Krystara map, then again Khaziel. Explore screen said, that 2 battles were remaining, started the battle, again Khaziel enemies :face_with_raised_eyebrow: This time, after the battle it said “Khaziel Battle 3”. I decided to be brave and did NOT go back to Krystara map, did the remaining battle, the Mini Boss and the Mythic Boss - what a surprise, all Khaziel battles. This time also the Mythstone amount was increased by 20%. Mythstone bonus now moved on to Bright Forest.

I am not going to investigate this any longer :fearful: Maybe, the universe crashes, when I do this too often in a row, so I´ll just close the game and enjoy my evening :flushed: :rofl:

Seriously, it feels like almost everything in the game is completely out of balance since last week.


I bet this is some sort of error where the new Nexus kingdom was entered into some list correctly (or at all).

‘Broken Spire’ > Mini Boss
To battle > ‘Urskaya’
Background flips halfway through the loading bar

Troops: Broken Spire
Background: Urskaya

Post battle: ‘Broken Urskaya’


Hey everyone!

Thank you for these screenshots and videos, just noticing everyone who has shared this is playing on Difficulty 12.

Has anyone had this occur on any difficulty level lower than this?
Also what device/platform is everyone playing on?

Just so I am accurately attempting to reproduce this issue.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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It’s also happened when I switch from e7 to e12 after reaching 100+ mythstones. It then drags me into mythic e7 fight when I’m trying to do an e12 round 1 fight.

Playing on iOS.

At the moment, I am not able to reproduce this anymore. Did some runs on Explore 6, switched to 12 then. I am on Steam/PC, I have closed the game earlier and restarted now, don´t know, if that helped.

Last week I tried to do Explore lvl 1 in Nexus, landed in explore lvl 12, but I didn’t notice the kingdom. That happened only once, though. I was playing on PC.

Bug is happening on Steam as well. Trying to start e12 run in Pan’s vale, clicking into first battle just gets me Wild Plains e7 Mythic boss battle instead.

This happened to me yesterday but I couldn’t reproduce so I thought I was seeing things. I went into Forest of Thorns which was set at level 12, I changed it to level 5, but I got Divinion Fields explore 12 instead, which is where I was previously.

Following up to this, what devices/consoles is everyone using?

What were you playing before the Explore battle this teleportation occurs in?

For example:

  • Were you playing an Explore in another Kingdom before?
  • Or any other game mode beforehand, such as PVP/Guild Event etc.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

Predominately iOS between iPhone XS Max and iPhone 8, but on occasion Laptop Windows 11 & Steam.