[Reported] Magic in team build not adding correctly

When i build a team in the team build mode, it doesn’t add up the bonuses for magic that i could at least tell and from the pets for just the troops not the hero from the pics provided.

It goes away when the battle starts but how am i suppose to correctly calculate how my team is going to perform if no matter what i do the magic stays the same on the troops but the bonuses get reflected only on the hero?

With 2 unique Karakoth troops my bonus and the troops magic

And now with 3 unique Karakoth troops


And now 4

And in battle they are fine…

So i believe this is a bug

Samsung galaxy tablet s6 OS13 android


This is also the case on iOS. Only the hero correctly reflects stat bonuses; other troops do not. Visual bug only when setting teams, as the bonuses work properly in battles, but still annoying.

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Exactly. Fix one break two

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We always show base stats in the collection prior to bonuses so you know what your base cards have on them.

However, I thought it did show you the team bonuses if you put the troop on a team then checked it from the team… So this might be a new bug.

I will report this just to check it’s not something that slipped in.


Quick update:

I’ve made the bug report and done a little testing.

I can confirm that bonuses not being applied in the Collection menu when you select a Troop from inside a team on the left hand side are:

  • Pet
  • Team Kingdom
  • Team Troop Type
  • Team Color

The following bonuses are applying correctly in the Collection menu when selecting a troop from the left side inside a team:

  • Kingdom
  • Guild
  • Renown