Issues with Team Bonuses in 1.0.7

Hi All,

We’ve discovered a series of issues with the Team Bonuses in 1.0.7 when you:
a) apply multiple bonuses at once (some bonuses are being lost)
b) apply bonuses to Magic (some bonuses are being doubled)
c) There’s a minor issue with incorrect text tags on a couple of bonuses

We’re working through them right now.
Not sure how all of this crept through the QA to be honest… but we’ll try to get that fixed asap (I won’t actually be going to PAX until I get something worked out… it’s not going to be a complete fix at the moment, but we’ll try to get an interim solution in place)

Sorry for the inconvenience

Sorry to hear of the inconvenience… I’m sure as players we’re all grateful for the team’s hard work!

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Dammit Sirrian I just spent about an hour typing this stuff out in another thread. Without looking here.

As far as I can tell, it doesn’t actually mess with the in-game numbers, but the tooltips in the troop screen are very much off the right numbers.

NOPE NEVERMIND, just saw it. Yeah that’s not ideal.

In another thread I made a remark that I thought this patch had to go live because of PAX. That may sound a bit harsh and I still think it’s the reason many bugs are still in this release, but I wanted to add here that I appreciate the fact that fixing (some of) them is your main priority now. :smile:

@MarvelKit, actually the version we’re showing at PAX is a completely different build, so no requirement there.

From an advertising point of view, it’s certainly NICE to have a new version out for PAX, but that wasn’t even a consideration when this one went into submission weeks ago. Honestly, if I had ANY choice I’d have chosen next week for release, because now I have to miss most of the show I’ve been looking forward to for the last 6 months - lol.

Oh haha, well thanks for clearing that up. :smile:

I couldn’t tell if this was a team bonus issue or something else, but:
3x Venoix

This team was just stupid to face. The infinite loop was so much worse than the previous webspinner teams that it’s just abusive.

I hope you get to go to PAX, but for all the nice that 1.0.7 has, the promise of seeing fewer infinite masturbation teams has not been delivered.