Kingdom Team Bonuses not Accumulating?

Here’s two screenshots from before and after upgrading Darkstone from L10 to L11 on PC/mobile:

It looks like:
Kingdom Team Bonus II is +0/+2/+2/+2
Kingdom Team Bonus III is +0/+5/+2/+0

If that’s right, then by upgrading from L10 to L11, this player has gained +3 Magic but lost 2 Armour. That seems really odd to me.

My understanding has been that team bonuses increase as you increase whatever is giving the bonus. Yet here we seem to have an example of losing part of a bonus. It would make more sense to me if Kingdom Team Bonus III was a total of +0/+7/+4/+2, or even +0/+5/+2/+2.

So is this a bug? Are we meant to lose Armour when this kingdom goes up to L11? Or is it a visual bug only? In which case, what is the actual total bonus?

Also, was this picked up by any of your QA people or beta testers?


If it was not, all the QA or Beta-Testers should be replaced. Such a mistake should not be permitted!

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Oh God, I hope I didn’t sound that harsh for asking!

What I meant was really, is it something that has been or is being looked into, or is it something new?

No, you were not harsh.
I am just saying that people that are getting paid (if this is a bug) should do their job properly.
If they can’t do it, they should not be doing it. It may sound harsh, but it’s the reality today.
If you can’t handle something, you’ll get replaced, sooner or later at a serious company.

If you don’t like my opinion, you’re welcome to ignore it and move on.


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to elaborate on this @Starlite. <3 The kingdom are indeed working as intended. This is how the tiers work, and is intended. A magic boost is overall much stronger than bonuses to other stats, so we took this into account when we designed these new bonuses.

In light of this being intentional, your call to fire all of our QA or beta testers seems like a biiiiiit of an over reaction, @koromac. But what would I know, I only work with the team and for this game. Perish the thought that I have any knowledge, and shame on me for being proud of our QA team and the work everyone puts into this title.

I’m being sarcastic, if that wasn’t clear.



Thanks, Salty.

Just a little odd, then. :slight_smile:

Even if this was a bug no one should be fired for it. Humans make mistakes and there was a lot to test in this update.

Mistakes happen all the time and I’m 100% sure you have made mistakes in your life. No matter what every game ever made will have mistakes and bugs but as long as they are fixed it’s not the end of the world.

This still looks very odd. Factoring out Trogpole, the base bonus changes from [+1 magic, +1 health, +1 armor] to [+2 magic, +1 health]. Applying your power score to those stats, that’s just an extra 50 - 20 = 30 points, which feels suspiciously low for a tier III upgrade. Are you absolutely sure both the tier II bonus and the tier III bonus for a full Darkstone team are correct?

It might be helpful to see the whole Kingdom Team Bonus chart for Darkstone to better understand the design idea behind it. Going by the values above, each upgrade is supposed to add less than the previous one, meaning the tier IV upgrade would only add 20 points for either +1 health or +1 armor?


Seconding this request. It would be nice if we didn’t have to reverse-engineer the formula for this, since it appears that the kingdom team bonus is different for each kingdom and each bonus tier.

Edit: Kingdom Team Bonus II for Darkstone is 1 Magic, 1 Health, and 1 Armor, for 6 points of stats. I haven’t upgraded yet, but I would bet that Bonus III is 2 Magic and 1 Health, for 9 points of stats. (Assuming the usual ratio that magic is worth 4 points to health/armor’s 1, with attack at 2.) This is a pretty straightforward progression, which suggests that Tier IV will be 12 points worth of stats. I had hoped that the delta would increase between later bonus tiers, but that can’t be the case for Darkstone I/II/III (still a possibility for IV, since I haven’t seen that bonus yet).

So I am getting +18 to magic with this team or no? :exploding_head:

I was thinking team power score contribution, which seems to be 50 for magic, 40 for attack, 20 for armor/health. If it’s 3 points for each upgrade based on your stat value assumption that would actually feel consistent. I’m not sure I like stats morphing around arbitrarily though, 3 points for first level probably means 1 health and 2 armor, with the armor bonus gradually disappearing as the level improves.

I’m somewhat annoyed we can’t see the bonus anywhere within the kingdom. I mean, it’s great that we can build a flying citadel that adds “Kingdom Team Bonus IX”, it just would be even greater if that upgrade would tell us what it actually does. Especially since it seems to be doing something different for each kingdom.


Clearly, it was intentional, so it’s not a bug. Dismiss my last statement, @Saltypatra.
I like bowling pins and balls of steel - Call it heavy artillery. :sweat_smile:

Maybe I’m missing sth., but levelling up means for me making the bonus stronger, not redistributing the same amount of pts. in some other way…?
lvl2 lvl3


I personally would take 3 magic over 3 armor anyday and many would consider this an upgrade whether it was redistributed or not.

This is how the game has traditionally thought of stat bonuses. A single point of magic is worth about as much as four points of health/armor, and is worth as much as two points of attack. (We’ll disregard for now that health is slightly better than armor because of True Damage.)

Sure, I prefer magic over armor as well…
But I would like to see a progression in the overall amount of bonus pts., not exchanging one stat with some other, even if more useful…

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Which would you rather have? Four pennies or two nickels? The pure number of stat points is not the only factor in how good the bonus is.

The team power bonus for magic/attack/life or armor is 80/60/40.

Whether or not magic is “mostly an upgrade” from armor, I still find this an odd decision because magic and armor do different things. Yeah, I’d rather have magic most of the time, but I run also teams where magic is barely a factor (granted, none of them from Darkstone). Running pure faction, with one of each, I’d rather have the magic, because they have tools for sustain based on magic, so the magic is more sustain and more offense, but this makes up a very tiny portion of the total stat pool, and I’m not sure at which point a gain or loss in either stat would constitute a break point when running the delve. The overall impact of 3 armor vs 3 magic (keep in mind, with a maxed pet) on any other particular non faction kingdom team from this kindgom is basically nonexistent - they have no armor scaling spells, and their best troops are mostly supports, with arguably their best magic scaling troop being Thrall (also a support/generator), then their AoE troops (which are still pretty weak in the damage department even with stacked bonuses). So its less four pennies for two nickels and more… 4 yen for two pesos.

The thing is, while I don’t consider this an example of such, there are other things in the game that are introduced with somewhere between “an upgrade not being an upgrade” and “an upgrade being a downgrade” or stuff being “exchanged for stuff of equal (or greater) value” and then just… kinda left like that. It is sort of a system wide affliction for this game. I’m sure people have that fresh in their minds when a situation like this pops up with even a hint of the same thing happening, possibly with a bit of apprehension about what this might mean for other kingdoms, future bonuses, the inclusion of future troops that might make these bonuses matter one way or the other, or any future systems that attempt to perform some kind of “trade” and then just unequivocally state “no, its better”. And its one thing when its a patch that just changes how things for everyone and you have to begrudgingly accept it whether or not it might be regress in our eyes, its another when it is a voluntary upgrade system we are expected to want to participate in that offers such dubious choices, then sort of taunts you forever for making the “wrong decision” because you can’t go back. Makes you feel stupid for trying, which is probably not in the best interest of the game. But again, I don’t think this particular bonus constitutes this, it is just very reminiscent of things that do.

So while the debate in this thread seems to be whether this particular bonus shift is an example of such, I think if there is something everyone can agree on, it is that we, collectively, don’t like upgrades that are are not upgrades, or worse, downgrades (especially if they are voluntary and irreversible). Some are just more ok approaching that line than others. So lets let that feedback resonate.