[Reported] Kingdom power 21 w/o doing trial VI—not just weekly kingdom

Platform, device version and operating system:

iOS 16.6.1, iPhone 11

Sorry no images, the button for screenshot on my phone is bent/broken and doesn’t work anymore. (I know, I’ll upgrade eventually…)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I expect reaching kingdom power level 21 requires completing Tier VI trial. However, I now have 2 kingdoms at 21 which are only on Tier II trial. Dragons Claw and Darkstone. Darkstone is weekly kingdom this week, and it happened in Dragons claw when it was weekly. In each week, I crafted a weapon in soulforge and upgraded it for the upgrade 8 weapons requirement for power level 20. Instead of reaching 20, kingdom power jumped to 21 without me doing a tier VI trial.
Maybe this is related to the other reported bug of marking trials complete in the weekly kingdom when epic trials are available?

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
So far twice, 2 for 2 on kingdoms where I was weapon blocked and crafted a weapon and upgraded during the week

Steps to make it happen again
Have less than 8 weapons fully upgraded in a kingdom, and have not completed a tier VI trial, but meet all other requirements for kingdom power levels 20 and 21. Craft a weapon in soulforge during week when epic trials are available and upgrade it, watch kingdom skip to power 21 without doing a tier VI trial

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Hey @jdk

What is your invite code, so I can pass this along to the development team to investigate further?


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It seems very likely, that the game checks for challenges. And those do no longer exist, so it marks them as finished by default. Well, better than the other way around.

The issue rather seems to be related to epic trials. During kingdom week, ALL normal trials for that kingdom show up as completed in the overview, even when still on the very first trial. This also causes the trial level 6 kingdom power task to complete.

There’s a bug report about trials that has been in status “investigating” for ages, the kingdom power task issue is just collateral damage of it getting ignored.

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Yeah, I linked this one over in that thread but didn’t link that in here. Thanks for closing the loop :slight_smile:

More info: it doesn’t skip over the trial 6 req. to 21 if kingdom was already at 20 and you fulfill the other missing requirements. I already had merlantis at 20 this week but was only at 29/30 of troops at lvl 20 (and no tier 6 trial). I opened chaos portals to mythic clam lasher and get to 30/30, and wondered if that would trigger a jump to 21 if the trial req. would auto complete due to weekly kingdom/epic trials, but it stayed at 20. So it looks like the trigger is leveling up from 19 to 20 and then it can cause the skip.

BUMP: ghulvania now at 21 without tier 6 trial, with slightly different trigger circumstances

In this case, Ghul was already at power 20, with all requirement for 21 met except the tier 6 trial.

I had completed 0 trials. But I noticed the game was showing “trials complete” on the tile

So I did the Tier 1 trial, and it popped to kingdom power 21 on completion

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BUMP: mist of Scales, another slightly different setup. Was already at lvl 20, had only completed 1 trial, other reqs for 21 already met. Tile in game reading “trials complete.” Did the tier 2 trial battle, popped to power 21 after completion

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BUMP: drifting sands, same setup as ghulvania above. Had done 0 trials, other reqs met, did the first trial only and popped to 21.

Just gonna keep bumping until I run out of kingdoms I guess lol

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Surprise BUMP— in NOT the weekly kingdom!!!

I decided to randomly play a lvl 2 trial in Zaejin, and popped from 20 to 21 (which was totally unexpected, as this is stormheim week not zaejin)

So it looks like there’s something else going on, not just the weekly kingdom / epic trials check ….

(I did complete the epic trials in stormheim this week bc I was pet blocked…but no clue how that could affect zaejin)

EDIT: replicated in Pridelands (also not the weekly kingdom), played lvl 1 trial, went from 20 to 21.

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Another NOT weekly kingdom bump

This is bright forest week. I did not do the epic trials in BF (unlike stormheim last week). And I got swords edge and maugrim woods both to 21 star just with tier 1 trial.

I guess I’ll stop posting since the bug no longer appears tied to weekly epic trials and is now just “any kingdom at any time.” Working as intended!