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Weapon for kingdom upgrade level 14?

Digging around a bit in the game files there seems to be a mechanism in place to hand out a weapon for each kingdom that reaches upgrade level 14, similar to how upgrade levels 2, 4 and 7 hand out troops. It’s currently disabled, there isn’t yet any valid weapon assigned. I’ve been wondering if this might be an upcoming additional way to receive the newly introduced epic weapons for each kingdom.

@Kafka @Saltypatra The community would likely be very happy to hear more about this prior to crafting half of the new weapons in the forge. I suspect you might not be able to confirm or deny anything here, any additional info you are allowed to share would be welcome though.

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Hey, awhile back the Epic Weapons were programmed in as higher Kingdom Rewards, however we changed that to the Faction Hoard bonus instead before we released the update where the Kingdom level cap was increased.

We don’t plan to add the new Epic Weapons in as free Rewards in the Kingdoms now that they’re released in packs and as Soulforge items.


Ah, too bad, hunting weapons this way feels exciting if you are somewhat of a collector. It’s non-linear, you get to decide which weapons to pursue next, with some options temporarily locking out other options due to limited deeds. Faction Hoard bonus is just a pretty boring stat boost that currently no longer matters once you’ve cleared the associated delve.

Thanks for the heads up. Maybe we can have something like this for kingdom upgrade levels higher than 15? There aren’t any weapons yet that boost/buff kingdom troops in some way, like granting them half their mana, those might work well as template.

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