[Reported] GW Filter locked to Nexus kingdom only?

So on Switch, this week we have two Guild events:
1 - weeklong Raid Boss (Storm Zuul’Goth / Nexus kingdom required)
2 - weeklong Guild War

Today, I started with a few rounds of raid boss, then switched to the GW so I could start configuring my defense teams (at least the one for tomorrow’s color). In doing so, I noticed the Troop Filter was locked to “Kingdom: Nexus” – for a second I thought this may be intentional, but then Nexus doesn’t even have 24 unique troops released yet (i.e. maximum Defense bonus not even possible without including an Elementalist Hero in at least five teams which many would consider a GOOD thing).

But also, the filter lock disappeared after rebooting the game and going directly to Guild Wars, allowing me to configure my teams as usual. So this implies I encountered a bug?

Screenshots or video: (none at this time, but will try again tomorrow to check if the issue persists)

This type of bug occurs in almost every event since the last update. Even outside events.
Pretty annoying, but hey it’s GoW and devs prefer to chain new content after new content instead of fixing the major amount of bugs

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Grabbed this one as it is an old issue but thought it had been resolved, reopened and passed onto the team!

Hmm … okay, today (Tuesday) I ran a quick experiment and the filters from Raid Boss mode are not bleeding into my troop selections for Guild Wars like they did Monday.

I hate it when this happens.

[Wednesday EDIT] It happened again! And this time I have screenshots:

My Raid Boss team

Setting my Guild Wars team

I also captured a short video for the latter if anyone needs proof that this was indeed from the Guild Wars mode.

However, the incorrect filter seemed to disappear on a second attempt (even without restarting the game) so I was unable to capture a full video showing the connection. My initial steps when it happened today were simply:
1 - Engaged Raid Boss mode, checked my party composition (and switched the filter as shown), then fought two rounds vs. Zuul. (Game Speed was set at 4x. A Valraven appeared during the second battle, but escaped.)
2 - Backed out of Raid Boss mode, then engaged Guild Wars to set up my next day’s Defense team. Discovered the troop filter was locked to Nexus kingdom (as shown).

Interestingly, on a third attempt alternating between modes I had set the Raid filter to sort by “Level” and found the GW filter preset to “Level” – conspicuous, but not proof of a connection.