[Reported] Gnome-a-palloza doc still quoting "Challenge"

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
To either find written "Trials; or nothing

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Is there. is a doc text. not changed since ever I suppose.

Steps to make it happen again
go in soul forge and click on “?” on the a-palooza screen

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No gnomes for trial?

Gnomes work on the trials! Probably the only way to complete the Khetar epic trials…


LOL that’s genius, actually! Thanks for the tip, might consider trying that once the offers are fixed.

Has anyone tried gnome a palooza in trials yet? Would make it easier but also waste a precious palooza.

Yes it works!

Someone in my guild did. All 5 in 15 minutes.

EVERYONE if you are using this method. get it done before it is patched. you know it will be


We’re about to get a lesson in how quick they can can actually fix something when they want to.


Hey everyone,

Passed this onto the team earlier along with some other text that had been missed!
Thanks for sharing the screenshot too.

Please note, something such as text missing/not updated can be more easily fixed in comparison to other bugs - so hopefully this is resolved quickly in between other bugs the development team are investigating!


The question is will using GAPs to complete epic trials be considered bug abuse or some such?

I see nothing in the patch notes to suggest that GaP usage is no longer available in Trials. It was always possible when they were Challenges.

They just forgot to change the in-game text for GaPs in Soulforge. Could be prevented in a future update but who knows?

The text was just missing, removing the words ‘Challenges’ and replacing it with ‘Trials’ - but yes, GAPs can be used in Trials.


Is that really the intent though? That the insanely difficult Epic Trials can be trivially completed by starting a Gnome-a-Palooza and playing safe moves until all 4 gnomes flee?

It was always kind of odd that Gnome-a-Paloozas worked in the Challenges too, but those at least could be beaten conventionally.

If they say that’s the intent, they don’t need to rebalance the game mode. People will mostly stop complaining and just use 1 GaP per week. I am totally fine with this and hope it stays. No one wants to play epic trials anyway, and hopefully they realize that.


The damn things don’t even flee when I hoped for the to happen. :roll_eyes:

Took me a while GaP for 2 epic trials…

Easier than the original but not as trivial as it could be.

It also drains players’ GaPs for minimal rewards so guess that’s a plus for the devs. :thinking:

we need this documented so it doesnt come back later to haunt us


Need I say anything more?

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