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[REPORTED] Game input stalled on load, waiting for clicky(which will never happen)

Platform, device version and operating system:
Android MUV, 8.1.0 OS, build MUV_20200709_001, Android System View V 90.0.4430.66

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Game loads FINE! The second it does, it knows I have WARBANDS I can collect, and does ^^^. DO NOT tell me “Well, ya gotta clicky” THERE IS NO CLICKY! Even if you have to DELETE my war coins, that would be acceptable. In short-I CAN’T LOG-IN despite me being loaded in. The green arrow does move like it wants me to click something, but there is nothing I can click. All this started after the GooglePlay update, HATE IT! If you wanted to make a grease smear out of ALL Google execs, ACCEPTABLE. While we are at it, it added a layer of gunk to phone which interrupts phone calls, something called “SENT” which does not go away, and has to be restarted. Also, switching tasks away from GoW makes it reset(usually, sometimes I get lucky and it lets continue, usually from unfinished matches)

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Immediately after load, won’t go away. Heeelp! Started after GooglePlay update AND collecting enough WAR COINS(yesterday Adventure event)

Steps to make it happen again
Merely load the game. It would (will!) be funny after it gets fixed. You may not ask me to try XX, YY, ZZ in game, there is nothing to try, truly endless loop error.

As a work around, I have XE player on this machine, but alas, it errors with not being able to login to Google itself, password is good, but nogo telling it that :stuck_out_tongue: I will check bug reports for a cure. Google execs are useless ad pushers that really need to be replaced by force TWICE. They will stack the deck in their favor until they meet resistance.

Workaround! When game loads, and you get the green [Get Rewards] comes up, click it, and then the “Warbands” tab, buy something. Or you can be stuck until next reset :rofl: