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[Reported] Fighting Guild Outside Our Bracket

Screen shots:


Also, kind of ridiculous that I can only put 1 screen shot per post


And that I can only post once a minute. Makes this bug report pretty hard…



So what’s your point? Why don’t you connect the dots for us instead of showing pictures that make no points

The point is the guild they’re fighting is in Bracket 254, despite their own guild’s being in Bracket 253.

Also, I’ve never had problems posting more than one screenshot in a post, or posting multiple times without any cooldown period. Are new accounts restricted or something?

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@Magnusimus is correct. There are no dots to connect… We are fighting a guild outside out bracket. And yes since I just made account I cannot post more than 1 image per post and cool down of maybe 30 secs? After the first 2 or 3 realized it was not a full minute, the post always shows 1 minute ago as soon as you post. Either way, could have posted this in 30 seconds and took a couple minutes instead.

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It’s not a mistake. Look at its guild wars rank. It belongs in your bracket but because there are multiple guilds that share the same rank, it spills over to the lower rank. In other words, its more a visual glitch.

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Even if that’s how it’s design to work, it’s still a bug. Why are you trying so hard to make this a non-issue?

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Actually the more I think about it the more this has to be a bug. If there are scenarios where a team will spill over in to the next bracket then how are the brackets ever accurate? It only takes 10 of these occurrences for ALL teams below them to be in the completely wrong bracket.

Because your assumption that you are fighting a guild outside your bracket is wrong. Its more correct to say that guilds in your bracket are showing to be spilling over into the lower bracket.

I’m not fighting you. I was explaining to you why that guild was in your bracket. Besides you need to be clear in what you are reporting. It wasn’t clear to me what you were getting at when I first saw your post.

It wasn’t really an assumption. The bracket list clearly shows them in another bracket.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Not sure what else I could put to make it clear.

Title: Fighting Guild Outside Our Bracket
Posts: Screen shots of bracket and today’s opponent

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You’re fine ats. Oninowon seems to be aching to have something meaningful to say while actively trying to (wrongly) negate what you’re posting. Since this is a bug report, he shouldn’t be responding at all. Neither should i, but this has gotten ridic.

You’re fighting someone in the wrong bracket. That’s not supposed to happen. Spillover isn’t even a thing in gw, therefore something somewhere is wonky and you should be thanked for reporting it. I hope it gets sorted out bc I’d hate if it happened to us in i2.


The devs do normally ask what device/platform you play on. Are there other guilds below the Russian Workers?

If not, then it could be that the brackets were merged to give all initially ranked 2521 guilds the opportunity to compete.

If there are other guilds in b254, then perhaps another current 2529 disbanded, and RHW moved up to fill their spot.

Good luck either way. Hopefully you get credit for the win, unlike Switch players a few GW back.


Steam/Android, same problem on both

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We did get the xp booster and seals so it looks like it counted.


Just letting you know this is a known issue which sometimes happens when more than 10 Guilds are placed in a bracket.

I’ve just asked the team if we can bump this one up the priority list a bit.

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