[Reported] Guild wars incorrect ranking leader

Our guild has the highest score for our bracket ,but a team with a score of zero are at the top please can this be amended

I noticed a few other brackets are displaying the same

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Weird, rank 2220 should be part of bracket 222, not 223. :thinking:


Are you supposed to fight within your own bracket ? First time I have seen a guild battle where you face a guild from another bracket

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Thanks for reporting this. This happens when more than 10 guilds is placed in a single bracket, it’s an old bug I thought was fixed and we haven’t seen it for awhile.

The Companions Guild are actually in the bracket above this but visually they show as the top of your bracket. This doesn’t affect your final Guild Wars Rank or bracket placement, it’s purely visual other than the fact there were 11 Guilds in one of the higher brackets.

I’ll re-open the old bug report for the team.