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Can't call out a guild that doesn't exist anymore

Thanks to the devs for making a solution for the issue (and @Fourdottwoone for pointing it out.) Any Bracket 2 Guild’s week will NOT be ruined thanks to a bracket 2 guild disbanding in the lead up to guild wars.

(Still worth noting though…)
P.S. All the developer attitude in the world won’t solve the flaws your game has. Neither will shitting on me for pointing out those flaws.

I’m just as happy to point out when the devs make a positive change as well. :grinning:


Are you sure this guild really gets matched against anyone? Going by the 5.1 patch notes this won’t happen:


How that dead guild can avoid matching against active guild? We have even number of guilds in a bracket.
Devs probably fixed that the Dead/Empty Guild removes from bracket seeding before the GW week, but if guild disbanded during GW week it still should get an opponent.


The guild you are matched against only shows up at the start of the day, when teams get locked in. They could technically check at that point and avoid empty guilds.


I thought I read that somewhere but couldn’t find it. So thanks. And I assumed we wouldn’t see them in the bracket if that was the case. But okay I hope you’re right. :crossed_fingers:

btw. League Rank 999.999 - why?

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I’m hoping too, I’m not inclined to bet on it though. Haven’t yet heard of any bracket 2 guild actually fighting Narkomani today, that’s probably a good sign. Might be helpful if we could get an opponent list of all 9 active guilds, to see if Narkomani is really left out.

I am curious how do we think a guild being left out would work? With 9 remaining guilds, either 2 guilds are facing the same opponent, or someone is getting a bye.

Unless you replace Narkomani with AI defenses, not sure what the alternative would be.

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Only if they face each other bidirectionally (which they so far did). In theory, fights could also be arranged A -> B, B -> C, C -> A. Only the attacker gains points, so this would still work out. Display would be a bit wonky, you would see the guild you are attacking, not the guild you are defending against. You’d really only notice by paying attention to your PvP logs though.

Which other guilds are in bracket 2? Maybe we can get them all to name the guild they are fighting today, for further analysis?

If the guilds destined to face the Disbanded Guild all faced Firebomb defenses instead, then 6 Guilds would get lucky and 3 would not. Assuming of course those 6 guilds all had 27 members that could beat a Firebombs defense, I’d imagine that the 3 that didn’t wouldn’t score quite as high.

Just an unfortunate situation all around. I hate to see a guild disband.

I’d also hate to see a guild with 1 or 2 members left jamming up the GW bracket system, dropping 2 GW brackets at a time. Maybe it is for the best that they disbanded.

Edit: There were times in our GW crusade that we encountered 1 member dead guilds that sometimes had 2 defender options. It is possible that the other member left sometime prior to that guild becoming dead.

A more fair option would be to have any guild facing the now empty guild face the options that were locked in at reset of day 1 (or their most recent GW day, such as the final day of the previous GW). It may be that all 5 battles would be vs the same opponent. That happens in other brackets. It may also be vs 5 opponents with Firebomb defenses, just as long as that isn’t the default, go-to option.

All 9 guilds get a little lucky because one slot on the way down is already taken. If the defenses before disband are in effect, they might all be hard defenses and thereforce have little effect. Plus most people in bracket 1-3 win most of their fights anyway.

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A guild member just pointed out a very logical point. Because everyone in bracket 2 has points except Narkomani. We know that no one is facing them today and shouldn’t be the rest of the week. I’ll update the OP.

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I’m from Kcv and today we are facing YaRebel.


They fought Palladium today, which has points, so they are fighting someone.

I would say, that the ranks were locked in for the day.

My concern is rest of the week, if they disbanded after new day today when GW had started, and whats gonna happen if the teams are not yet locked in for days 2-6. All we can do is wait and see


I am from Tyrant. We face this guild today. Even it shows 0/30 member for that guild, we actually fight one lucky man. And he is not in that guild currently :rofl:


Hi Vivi, did you face a regular defense or something out of the ordinary?

If it’s any consolation, it’s not just your platform @awryan that is witnessing guild implosion. The very same is happening on xbox 1 with a top 10 wars guild imploding to the extent of a membership of 2. I am not privy as to the catalyst of this situation but I am witnessing several top 40 guilds dying in an alarming fashion. I can’t speculate on why this is happening and can’t compel myself to point the finger at new content (arena) as the camel’s straw


Epic tasks were a huge mistake and the devs have only made more errors since the inclusion.

But they are either looking at the metrics with beer goggles on or blowing smoke up our asses.
I know the loss in revenue is all going to be blamed on Covid and that’s an unfortunate out. Because the loss in revenue is mainly due to the devs expecting us to play more and more for the exact same or diminishing rewards. People aren’t dumb. But 505/Infinity Plus 2 treats them like they are.

Enraged Kurandara costing 8 Power Orbs told me that I’ll never waste my money on another power orb again. Because they don’t put serious thought into things like it. So I’m not going to waste serious money on it.

That’s just one issue out of 100 that have been summoned the past 11 months. Next month Gems of War is going to celebrate it’s final anniversary if they don’t figure out it’s not just about getting new players in…but keeping them around that’s key for success. Because guilds can’t just survive on just new players. And new players can’t survive without guilds.


One of our guild member remind us that we get our defense point after our first win. So it make sense that they are still at 0.

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I think the absolute truth is that the devs have totally lost control of their code. Numerous updates leave blatant game flaws unaddressed. The game becomes increasingly broken and the relentless onslaught of “gimme gimme gimme” prevails. I don’t invest in shoddy produce and gems has certainly become that. Nothing is ever fixed. Admittedly “new content” is hampered by the simplicity of a match 3 game but it’s really a mess right now. I anticipate no improvement because the publishers want content and cash above all else. The code is shafted and the game will never recover.