[Reported] Calendar display bug

Platform, device version and operating system:

Screenshot or image:

In this image I am viewing the April calendar. The ticks and crosses show the availability of other tabs.
(confusingly, some crosses went green in my editing! :D)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I cannot select an adjacent calendar tab when browsing the various game calendars.
I must first select a non-adjacent tab before choosing the desired tab.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Inconsistent behaviour. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t switch

Steps to make it happen again
Open the game calendar screen and try to display a calendar tab adjacent to the current calendar tab.

edit: It seems that one must hit the part of the adjacent tab that is furthest away from the current tab in order to change the selection.


It’s more interesting than that (and works the same on PC as well, as far as I’ve noticed).

It doesn’t matter where you click on non-adjacent tabs - everywhere works.
Switching between adjacent tabs only the farthest side works, clicking on closest side does not. (Namely, you can switch from April to Revered if you click on letter R, but not if you click on letter D; likewise, switching from April to Spring 2023 works if you click around 2023, but not of you click around letter S. )

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Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for letting us know about this issue. I’ve since reported it to the development team.

In order to investigate this issue better, the Developers have a small request

  • Please provide a recorded video footage of this issue

Thank you for your help!

With all respect @Bramble, there is sufficient detail in both my and @Dust_Angel’s post above for an english-speaking Dev to understand and replicate the issue. With the calendar reset now reducing the number of tabs to 3 it is not something we can replicate anyway, making the request even more disingenious.

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Hi @Bramble,

While the calendar counts down to Version 7.0 we once again have enough tabs displayed for you/the Development team to experience this issue yourself. May I presume that you/they have video capture available?

For clarity, the issue is that one must hit the part of an adjacent tab that is furthest away from the current tab in order to change the selection to that tab.

In other words, the responsive/clickable area on each tab does not match how it is displayed onscreen? Hmm … this is not something easy to demonstrate via video footage … (sure, go get a quick video capture and all that but a mockup of which tabs respond to which clicked areas might be of more use here?)

A picture didn’t cut it before. Bramble wanted video the last time he contributed, but asked for it after it was possible to obtain due to the 4th calendar tab having already disappeared.

I don’t currently have a computer set up to capture video, but I’m sure a software house has it ready-to-go. I read that OBS Studio, for example, has a setting to highlight mouse-clicks which I presume exists in whichever quality commerical package they use at 505/IP2, and watching it repeatedly ‘click’ and not change the tab until the mouse is in the workable area would satisfy the ask, I’m sure.

Or just read the description that Dust_Angel and I have provided.

It’s even more broken now.

With just 3 calendar tabs showing I cannot choose an adjacent tab by clicking it near to the selected tab.

Good job.

Simplest way I can put it -
yellow lines are central tab sides; if you click in red-bordered area - tabs do not switch; if you click in green-bordered area - tabs do switch.
Just mentally slide this contraption around to see which areas will or will not react to click from any selected tab.

I do not use video capture software on my PC and I’m really not in a mood to set it all up (find, download, install, etc, etc) just because somebody cannot spare a few seconds of their time to reproduce it in the office.