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Login Calendar not active

Platform, device version and operating system
PC / Win 7 and on Android LG G3

Screenshot or image

On Phone:
Don’t know how to get screenshot on phone but calendar is missing - just a blank space where it should be

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened

PC: I expected to open the calendar and get my login rewards but it is greyed out - will not open.

phone: I expected to SEE the calendar and be able to open it but nothing is in that space.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I was playing Treasure Hunt on my phone when I saw the calendar on my daughter’s account (on PC). I finished game and went to main screen - no calendar. I logged out of game & back in on phone - same thing - no calendar. I logged to game on PC and now calendar is there - but grayed out & cannot open it.

I cannot access the new calendar on either my PC or phone. I have logged out & back in several times on each device. Nothing has changed.

Steps to make it happen again
Open game -
On Phone : can’t see calendar
On PC: see gray calendar - cannot open

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Known issue. Supposed to be fixed at reset in 90 minutes.

Thanks I checked the known issues and did not see it listed. Just realized I was looking at the 3.3 known issues & not the 3.4. Sorry!

Will the rewards missed be given when it is fixed?

5 hours update, this bug is still not letting me access the calendar either. I am also on PC Windows 7, steam version.

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If you have restarted the program since reset, and you still can’t see the calendar, tag a dev. Did you get different daily rewards from what you got in 3.3?

@Saltypatra (tagging a dev).

Android 8.0.0

Can’t access calendar and got 3.3 daily rewards, not 3.4. No free Snow Bunny for me.


+1 from me. The calendar is either grey or completely disappeared, sometimes both within a minute or 2.
Also android 8.0 oreo
And I’ve already uninstalled & reinstalled the game to absolutely no effect whatsoever…

Still not able to access calendar and did not get pet. I did get the awards like I did each day since I started playing.

Me too. :frowning: I checked both pc and mobile. 11.3.1 ios.

Add me to the list, still no calendar and thus no free bunnies.

I updated only about 8 hours ago and after I got the daily login from 3.3, so hoping that’s the issue.

Same here. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game TWICE and have gotten most of the stuff to work, but my calendar (and daily bonuses and bunny) are still not working.

Uninstalled and Reinstalled, no calendar on my husband’s account on Android. Invite Code LRRP_YJNS

Both of us use android tablets, calendar works for me and not for him.

Can we get an update from @Saltypatra @Kafka anyone?

I had the calendar this morning give me day 1. Which means I’ll miss the end day since my phone didn’t auto-update and I logged in before updating.

Bummer, but at least it’s live.

Well I had the calendar … and this morning on Android it is missing - and no calendar rewards. Just the Daily / Daily VIP & Guild Tasks were in my mailbox.

I log in everyday and only have 2 days on my log in calendar. See only 2 days for this week

and only shows 2 days in May

I am finally getting the calendar on the PC (Win 7/ Steam) but not on my phone (LG G3- Android)

And again- Day 4 daily login on phone no calendar. Log in on PC and calendar is there but no rewards or acknowledgement of logins for each day this week image


Login 3.4 calendar on Day 5 on PC only shows log for 2 days but I have logged in every day this month.4%20calendar-%20May%205

Login on Android phone today - still no calendar showing and mail is odd.

You did update to 3.4, right? Sorry if I’m asking the obvious.