I lost my daily reward in calendar


I login on my account on unactual client and get gold and glory as daily reward instead of new rewards in calendar(once on PC and once on android) so the latest rewards in 3.4 section are unavailable thought login every day.
(sorry for bad english)


There are 28 month rewards, but May is 31 days long. You should do fine and get the final orb, unless you skip 3 more days.


Same here,
i play on pc and my android phone, i receive my daily rewards each day but the calendar is stuck in the day one …
i try to open a ticket at the support ; they don’t care for now …
"We aren’t able to respond to this type of request as our team specialise in
Technical Support, so we’ve closed your request. "

so …

it’s dead ?


Did you file it under “Missing Rewards”?


Yes i try, today it’s working but i loose 2 days …

to solve the problem , it’s the same than under android : save you invitation code ,simply remove the game and reinstall it

and it works …