Where has the monthly calendar gone?

This was noticed by a fellow guildmate. Apparently we no longer get daily rewards based on the monthly calendar… Was this nerf really necessary…?

(edited to show as Ps4/Xbox side of things)

I’m playing on Xbox. I’m getting the 7 day calendar rewards, and the honor calendar rewards. There is no longer a 30 day calendar available to claim any rewards.

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It’s still there!

Too much partying?

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Yeah its still there on pc/mobile. Is it gone for xbox?

I haven’t seen it on Xbox. We just get the daily, weekly and honor rewards first two days of 2020. Happy New Year Xbox players.

I put the issue in Bug reports. Hopefully we get a response. It’s a little comforting to know that it is appearing on PC/Mobile and that it may just be an unintended issue. Wouldn’t be surprised to see something sneak-nerfed.


The monthly only runs 28 days, so there is always a few day gap with no monthly daily rewards 29th, 30th, and the 31st.

But if it didn’t show up yesterday, Jan 1, that’s a bug.

The y2k2o bug is real, confirmed on Ps4 and Xbox. @saltypatra.

Any switch players available for confirmation?

Yes it’s the latter, buggy from where you look at it. We have the weekly one, the honor one, but the “January” calendar is not there.

Confirmed not visible on PS4.