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Login Calendar not active

Not a dumb question - actually I am glad you asked because that made me realize that NO, my phone had not been updated. My PC got the update when I logged the 2nd day and I (incorrectly) assumed that my Phone would also get it too.
However, after you asked - I checked under settings and see that it shows - so no - my phone did NOT get the update.

So yes my fault for not getting update for phone. HOWEVER - I did not know that the game would not update on my phone when I logged out & back in. it always goes through a loading screen so I thought it did updates at that time too.
And - since I didn’t see the rewards on phone - I would check on PC and I was not offered the rewards when I logged in there. It seems like I would still get the “new” rewards when logging in on an updated device.
It would be nice if there was an “UPDATE” button available in the settings menu. It was a hassle for me to figure out what I needed to do to update it.
Thank you.