[Reported] Bork metal beak bug

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Using Bork spell MetalBeak in weekly event spell behaves as described: gems destroyed, new gems drop, bomb gems created.
Using Bork MetalBeak in delve with stat boost enough to destroy entire board: all gems destroyed, new gems drop, but no bomb gems created. Double checked by turning graphics down to slowest speed.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every cast

Steps to make it happen again
As described


Slight correction, normal process is: gems destroyed, bombs created, gems drop

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Can be reproduced in current faction weekend. Screenshot hopefully attached shows drop with no bomb gems created

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I suspect that the Bomb creation logic requires an existing gem to transform and, as there are none to work with, the skill is considered to be working as intended.


Thats what we were thinking too, but it doesnt transform, it creates. When slowed down you see it can create a bomb in an empty space. As were the bombs in this shot

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I’d bet that they implemented “create” as synonymous to “transform random, unspecified gems”. In your screenshot above, were the bomb spaces really empty before the creation? Perhaps there were leftover gems higher up in the column, falling down to fill those spaces. You know, the way they program (and confuse) visual and actual effects in this game is almost epic.

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Yes the bombs appeared in empty spaces

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What exactly was your spell’s destroy count for the screenshot? Was it 64+ or 55?

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Pre fight it shows as 62. But anyaway Im telling you, just turn the speed down to slowest and you see gems destroyed, then before dropping you see bombs created (can be in empty spaces or replacing surviving gems) then gems drop.
But in the delve all gems are destroyed and no bombs created.

Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for providing more screencaptures to go with your report.

I have added them into the report for the development team about this issue!