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[Not a bug] Egg Thief exploded gems instead of destroying them?

Platform, device version and operating system:
Android phone, newest version.

Screenshot or image:
Don’t have any.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting the spell to destroy gems instead of exploding them. Which led to her spell constantly charging itself and summoning dragon eggs. The battle wound up taking much longer than expected, about 30 minutes due to her stealthy trait.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I finished the battle about 30 minutes ago, haven’t tried fought any other egg thieves.

Egg Thief destroys gems instead of exploding them. Exploding gems would actually make Egg Thief weaker.

Number of gems destroyed is boosted by gold collected by enemy, which can lead to destroying whole board in 1 cast

(maybe a place for future nerf, to limit max number of gems destroyed?)

Ah, that makes sense then, it looked like they were exploding because of how many gems were being destroyed, and it didn’t say anything about it being boosted by gold

Are you playing the game in a language other than English?

Nope, it’s in English

Take another look at Egg Thief’s spell description, then.

Yep, just noticed it. My mistake I guess

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But still, i wonder if Egg Thief doesn’t need a nerf -> limiting the bonus it gets from gold.

There are other troops (like Moneylender), who create gems and that’s limited to fixed ammount.

Why not same here? :slight_smile:

Edit: on the other hand, there are some magic scaling gem destroyers, which might destroy almost whole board, so Egg Thief is just other part of that branch…

Yeah, my only problems were not realizing it was boosted by gold, it’s stealthy trait, and it summoning a Dragon Eggs every time it was cast. Luckily my Eldritch Guardian was able to tank all the skulls it destroyed, and had about 500 life by the time I finally killed it.