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Egg Thief Destroy or Explode?

The Egg Thief says, “Destroy XX random gems…” but, it explodes gems. Behemoth has destroy gems wording as well but it doesn’t explode the whole board like Egg Thief does…

it is destroying gems, when it hits doomskulls they can explode, and the chance of that happening is much higher than something like Behemoth because Egg Thief’s amount of gems destroyed is boosted by gold collected. Especially with Cedrick and Greed where you (or the opponent) get 110+ gold from the first turn


It is working within the rules. I don’t know if its working “as intended”, because the team in question is pretty dumb, but…

It scales up the number of gems destroyed with gold. 3:1 ratio. With no bonuses (right now there’s a 10% boost) my Egg Thief has a base of 11 gems destroyed. 64 gems on the board - 11 = 53 to destroy via the gold. 53 x 3 is 159 gold. Cedric teams can go to 200. It works out.

Yeah, this question has a lot of confusing aspects.

First: this isn’t “removal”, it’s “destruction”. Destruction behaves as if the gem was matched. That’s why you get mana, and it will get important later.

Next: there’s not a lot of visual feedback. Even at 1x, you don’t get to see a distinct “target” phase followed by “destroy”. The gems are just “removed”.

Next: if a destroyed gem happens to be a Doomskull, it will explode as usual, because Doomskulls explode when destroyed.

Finally: since the number of removed gems scales very quickly, it can look like the entire board is exploding. It’s really easy to make Egg Thief destroy the entire board on turn 1.

So if you put all of those together, it’s really easy to feel like Egg Thief explodes gems, but it’s more likely you’re seeing an unprecedented level of gem destruction at early turns.