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[Investigating] Egg Thief summoned an egg, but...!

Platform, device version and operating system:
Desktop. Windows 10. Game version 4.2.5. Playing via Steam.

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I cast Egg Thief’s spell. Expected to summon a Dragon Egg in the vacant slot upfront. What happened is, the Egg appeared in the first slot of the opponent’s team.

Also, in the second image you can see the consequence of another cast from Egg Theif. Dragon Egg got the mana (opponent side). It means that Dragon Egg is still under my control, but seems to appear on the other side only.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I saw this happen only once. Hopefully it is a one-off happening. This happened in the Dungeon Battle 2. Of course, the next cast of SK killed Rowanne alone, not the Egg and the battle is over.

@Cyrup @Kafka


Hey thanks for reporting this, this is a known issue which we’re investigating.

Do you remember which troop was in the first spot on the enemy team and if they’d been summoned or resurrected there?

Did you notice anything else strange during the battle?

Sorry I don’t remember the first troop of the enemy team. It is a dungeon battle 2 team. You should be able to find it out, I suppose. And, I didn’t find anything else strange in the battle.

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Ok, thank you! We’ll continue investigating it

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Same thing, but in Explore Lv12.

@Smeeg do you remember which Troops were on yours and the opponent’s team?

This is right after it happened

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This seems the mythic room in explore 12. Aren’t those teams predefined? Can easily find out.

@Kafka Here’s my report.

Platform, device version and operating system: Mobile, 4.7.5, iOS 13.3

Screenshot or image: No screenshot, but it looked just like a Dragon Egg was on the enemy team.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened: As stated, a summoned Dragon Egg by Egg Thief was shown on the enemy side. It was placed into the second slot despite first slot being empty when it was summoned.

The Dragon Egg otherwise functioned as normal. I could cast its spell (but did not so I don’t know what would happen if I did) and it took skull damage from the enemy. I don’t remember the exact animation for this, but I believe it moved up to hit it.

I was using a Skeleton Key team:

I was doing Difficulty 12 Explore at Khetar. The enemy team when this happened was a Shaman of Set in the third with all other slots empty.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Once-off bug.

Steps to make it happen again
Unknown. I cannot replicate this bug.

I hope this helps! Fortunately, the bug appears to be only graphically and it amused me greatly.

Similar thing happened in Explore 12 after killing Prince Ethoras.
But here it gets weirder. Prince Ethoras summoned the Dragonette upon his death on the Same Slot with my hero.
PC version on Steam.

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@Kafka Not to call you out, but just wanted to make sure you see the new clues/reports.

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It’s not an egg thief bug, there is a generic bug where sometimes your summons show up in the opponents spot. The bug is really old too, much older than your year old post.

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I’ve recently updated the bug report for this to keep it on the radar. We’re aware of it but I don’t have any more information at this time.