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Replaykit Support for iOS 9

There is a feature available on iOS 9 called Replaykit that allowed you to screen capture what’s going on on your screen. I would love to be able to post gameplay from my iPhone to display my teams and weekly grinding adventures to share with the community. Replaykit is an offical Apple product so I am hoping that this is something that can be integrated in the near future.

@Sirrian and @Nimhain keep this in mind for the near future please, thank you,



I just saw this product mentioned in another thread. I want to add my voice to the request.

Several times I’ve thought that I encountered some incredibly weird bug (such as a match-5 passing control to the other player), but without video I can’t be sure if I just imagined it. Having video replays would really help with reporting and substantiating issues like this.


a very big plus 1 from me.

EDIT: and please take out Game Center support. It’s going away in iOS 10 anyway.

No plans at this stage, but we may investigate this in the future.

Its not going away. It’s just the app which really didn’t do much anyways. The framework will stay.

Thanks @Nimhain for your consideration