Replaying the match

Can we have a replay button so we can actually watch the match so we can see where to improve or if the ai just made stupid decisions which i find highly unlikely


If you are on console, you can make clips at least.

I sounds exciting! I would like to re-watch the match that loop and win without giving opponent 1 turn.

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This game is a slot machine. There is no skill involved. You want to replay a match? Click on a new opponent. There ya go. .

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Not a slot machine, but also not chess.
PS4 has a build-in-always-on replay for 15(?) minutes.

I am talking about when i lose to someone in pvp or gw. I wanna see that battle.

Frankly this wouldn’t be hard to do if the game were set up for it. A match consists of starting stats/troops, one or more random seeds and the player’s move history (match, spell casts). Would be a few kilobytes at most.

If you mean your defense teams, well that would be nice. If you mean when YOU play, then at least for xbox, you can use the recording feature to make a clip of the last few seconds or minutes. Setting it to 5 would probably do it but I believe you can set it for longer so long as you have the space.

It would be nice as it’s own feature but then again that’s why when submitting bugs they ask for screenshots or clips as they don’t keep track of that, more of the end result.

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