Replaced Bug!?!?

Kingdom: Grosh-Nak
Challenges: Orc This Way
When the Summoner is replaced by a Gnome why does Drake Rider not have all 3 attribute?

Here my Video to see that. No Gnome = all 3 attribute. I am confused.

Here no Gnome by Summoner = 3 attribute

Hey, I think this happened because you were doing the first Orc This Way Challenge with the Gnome in which Drake Rider is intended to only have 2 Traits unlocked, but for the other Challenge levels in Orc This Way Drake Rider does have 3 Traits unlocked.

Does that sound right?

yes, is it normal when the gnome appears or is it a Bug?

Drake Rider have 100% 3 traits but when gnome appears is it not 100% all 3 traits.
If so, then i cant faster leveling by gnome Event :frowning:

This sounded good to me, but then in the video with the Gnome where the Drake Rider only had 2 traits, I saw 5 stars/:star::star::star::star::star: on the Rewards screen, indicating the final Challenge level (perhaps repeated?):

@Sheffield were you repeating the same Challenge over and over on the final level, and did you have a Gnome appear (and the same bug with Drake Rider) more than once?

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Yes the gnomes ruined the other troops with traits.