Refresh Button for Daily Adventures


Can we kindly request a refresh button for the daily adventures just like we had with the daily tasks prior to 4.4?

While some are getting gems and key tasks, me and some of our members have been getting souls and traitstones (at least 2 out of the 3) for the 2nd day since the launch of 4.4 yesterday.

This seems rather unfair and it would be appreciated if we were given the opportunity to at least swap out some of the sub-par tasks even if once.

Thank you




The old system did a great (ish) job of removing soul and TraitStone tasks from those who didn’t need them. (Only Khetar would pop up to crush the hearts of all above level 10.)
It would be nice if the same thing happened with the new system.


A New System - Making Decent Worse Again!

Defo would be nice, guess today i was superlucky (deserved tho seen the luck in gw lmao, other 2 was crap instead) getting this:


But considering how many different tasks there are and how many lvl of them too what are the chance to get it?