Adventure board suggestion

My board today was common,common,rare. Why?. I suggest 5 daily adventures. 1 common,1 rare, 1 ultra rare,1 legendary, and 1 mythic… Do this please and make fair. All I get are minor traitstones and souls. Anybody getting anything better?


Today is common,common,ultra rare. Same garbage.

You don’t understand the design.

It’s not supposed to “be as good as the last rewards”. It’s supposed to “average out to the last rewards”.

That means you can go long periods with minor traitstones and souls as your only rewards, as long as one day you get the 100-gem reward. Add that in and suddenly “you got as many gems as before, especially because you got all those traitstones which are totally worth gems.”

This is working as designed. It’s supposed to make it harder for people who don’t understand numbers to realize they’re getting less. It’s working great. Some players got the 100-gem task day 1 and stopped counting entirely, now their job is to visit the 5 threads about AB every day and call the people who don’t like it stupid.