Assault Boards (it's like getting coal from Santa...80% of the time)

Well I guess no adventure for me today…

Sigh :roll_eyes:

  • If you were wise enough to remove Minor TS from LT… Why are they back as a way to just annoy folks? NO ONE benefits from them.
  • I can’t say the same for souls. It was nice that daily tasks were able to tell that my account didn’t need TS or souls. I guess that much consideration wasn’t worth the effort when designing the adventure boards.

Actual Requests

  • It would be great if players couldn’t repeat the same “rarity” each day…as in they should never have more than 1 common or even mythic mini quest. I assume I’ll be told that I have just as much chance of getting 2 rare or better tasks. Unfortunately, if it’s ran by the same weight system as Chaos Orbs…I for one at least will always be on the “bad luck” end of the spectrum so “Oh yay! More RNG!”
  • Along the same lines as unique rarities…Souls, Minor TS or for that matter any certain type of Adventure board mini quests shouldn’t repeat. Like today I had 2 Soul quests. (Give me a better generalized name for these and I’ll be happy to use it. Until then they are daily mini quests.)

I had thought that the dev’s mentioned in the stream that the adventure board would be somewhat tailored to the state of game of the player, with the implication being that “soul tasks” for example would not be pushed to end gamers.
Perhaps I am not recalling that correctly…

I’d be happy for tasks that produced rewards that I could use, even gold tasks have more potential than soul or traitstone tasks once you reach a certain point in the game.
I guess I can more easily skip the “rewardless” tasks but still this seems like an inefficient game design problem, not a “just don’t do it” issue

Would be good if soul and TS tasks were removed for players that don’t need them. Could even add in two new tasks giving pet food and jewels. When you have all troops levelled you won’t get the soul tasks anymore you will get pet food tasks instead and same with TS when you have all troops traited you get a jewel task instead.

Would make the AB a bit better if those were both changed.


Here’s the function of randomized rewards.


No matter how many spreadsheets you make, no matter how you phrase it, gamers don’t get probability at a fundamental level. They’d be doing something else if they did.

So no matter how obvious it is that rewards have been reduced it is statistically likely at least one person like that is going to hop in your thread and call you a loser because he won the lottery. The devs don’t even have to justify the system. Players who can’t distinguish “good luck” from “statistical certainty” will always defend it for them.


Yeah, Event keys took a beating…again.


The jury is still out on gems but yeah, for sure event keys will be even more scarce from now on. If you have a good stash don’t waste it by trying to get 6 copies anymore of new legendarys. If you run out then getting the new legendarys could cost you thousands of gems.

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I received two Common (Seek for Glory 1, Dig for Gems 1), and one Rare (Dig for Gems 2) Adventures today. I received a total of 25 gems, plus 20 gems for killing 100 troops, and like 50 glory. Meanwhile, a guild mate received an event key, 10 gem keys, and 2 vip keys.

In the past few days, I’ve seen an astonishingly high number of adventures offering me souls and runes. This is just insulting. I have 2.1 million souls and 3000+ runes of every kind. I simply don’t need any more. I’m level 1351. What I need is gems, and keys are nice too.

Furthermore, these adventures that are tailored for team scores of like 100, 1000, 2000 are pitifully easy, when I can already destroy any of the “Legendary” adventures. My team scores are in the 13k range, why even bother giving me anything less? It’s not an Adventure, it’s just something in the game I avoid.

I find myself doing LESS adventures now, where I used to always do my daily tasks.

Already have Zuul, so the best use for minor orbs are mythicing the monthly event legendary.
Event keys should never really be a problem, just expect to use a minor blue a month.

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“Got mine, screw you!”


For the record, I believe most players do go through a period where they are short on Minor Traitstones. I think this is because they’re needed for Kingdom Power, and it’s “easier” to trait lower-rarity troops to get those stars.

Personally, I think that lasted about 3 months for me (around the 6 month mark); then the problem went away.

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For the record, when a player is short on minor TS, they are also short on everything else. The game should never be designed for those still in the tutorial phase. Meaning the adventure board shouldn’t allocate resources with them in mind. Minor TS are possibly the easiest resource to get in this game. If you were short for that many months, I imagine it was more a knowledge issue at that time, than a grind and time issue.

You know that won’t happen.
However, there is a solution that can still help significantly, and I think that it could be a significant improvement.

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I don’t think it was a knowledge problem for me. I’m pretty sure it was because I was grinding for Arcanes so much that I actually got too many of them relative to Minors. While at the same time, I was focussing very accurately on which troops would help me get Power Stars (using my printable Checklist).

At the time, I was able to confirm that many people experience this. OTOH, I can’t judge if this is peculiar to the state of the game when I started playing vs when you did, @awryan, or to something else about the way I (and others) were playing.


I disagree. I was short on minor TS when I was leveling my Kingdom’s power to level 5. I had plenty of major TS as most people seem to have. I’ve always had more than plenty Celestial TS because I don’t use them for crafting. I was able to farm enough Arcane TS. The bottleneck typically minor TS. This wasn’t for lack of trying. I’d estimate 90% of my game time was Explore, and I’ve played a lot.

This was nowhere near “tutorial phase” either. I was at least level 900, if not 1000. I also went through this only 1-2 months ago.

Easily converted in the soul forge.

At a reasonable cost for new players.
So if you had too much of one and not the other. I’m betting you didn’t use the soul forge option.

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I find it difficult to believe that you were Receiving more Arcane TS than Runic, Major, or Minor TS.
I’m betting you had the same issue seen above and weren’t converting major into minor.

You’re correct, but the vast majority of the posts I’ve seen recommended against ever crafting TS. For example, this thread which was specifically about minor TS farming.

The souls you use for crafting is also going to add up quickly. That’s ~600 for the number of minor TS you need for a common up to ~1650 for an Epic.

The only advice I saw that I didn’t fully utilize was to farm Challenge instead of Explore for minors.

Not at any point considering that at the same time the kingdoms were changed…Growth and Wisdom orbs were implemented.
Is your counter argument that we need Minor TS mini quests for all players because folks don’t want to earn 2k souls?
It takes one person’s bad advice for 100+ people to completely wrong.
My advice would be… When farming Explore for TS, use a soul team. That way you can use the souls to craft TS you need if you find yourself with real crappy luck.
Troops can be traited with orbs. Kingdoms cannot. :man_shrugging:

There’s no way I was converting Traitstones! I still needed the other resources, too. :slight_smile: