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Assault Boards (it's like getting coal from Santa...80% of the time)

Which is why it took so long to get minor TS. :grinning:
It’s simple math folks…
Even earning a low 50 souls per battle to get 1500 is 30 battles. Do any normal explore for 30 battles and you’ll either get the minor TS you need or the souls needed to craft it.
There’s always more than one way to open a lock.

So to get back on track NO ONE is really benefiting from Minor TS mini quests.

Not trying to talk crap… Just made me think of a horrible old mtv show. :grin:

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My experience was I was gated by arcanes, then runics, then majors. I needed to farm majors long after I finished with arcanes.

I’ve always had so many minors I didn’t worry about them.

I only play these battles for a quick 2xp for my hero class levelling

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I think bringing back the 1 free daily task refresh would sway practically everyone that the AB was a good change.


I think that removing the 100 gem quest from the daily pool and setting it up as new week long quest would sway me much more. So far 9 out of 10 daily tasks are basically worthless to me, a single free refresh would still cause me to end up with trash almost exclusively.

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It’d make more people foolishly believe it’s better.

The people who can do math would still understand “gem value” is not “gems”.

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Never had to farm stones, i always buy enough weekly troop to mythic it and always had enough for everything

The adventure board is more efficient vs time spent on daily tasks and events. It may be 70% of what we used to get in rewards, but it is 20% of the time. Being someone short on time I’ll take the ab over daily tasks.


You’re not short on time if you can find time to play every day.

I have a couple hours some days and a few days about half hour… Not 8 hours a day like some have. I like to whip out the ab in 2 min and have the 20 and occasionally 100 gems happen just from doing whatever I need to do.

Some of the daily tasks were designed to take more than a day to complete and the gems were based on them as such. If a person completed them in a day then great. Otherwise, outside of the 1 and only true daily task… None of them needed to be done that day. And most could be accomplished by doing some Explore matches.
Personally, for me the only difference is being slapped with TS and soul tasks. What may be a nerf to some can just as easily be a buff to others.

I was getting soul task every other day with the old system. Are you saying you didn’t?


Yes but at least you could refresh unwanted task

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Outside of the Khetar daily. No.
I had all my troops max traited and leveled. As well as my hero classes.
I can’t speak to other platforms. But on PC/Mobile only folks who weren’t max level and traits could trigger those dailies. Despite the masses that were convinced it was bugged. Anyone that was forced look, figured out there was no bug.

I would get either the Khetar one or 3 revenge battles quite frequently. Of course I would switch them hoping for something better.

I would get gold, souls, gold keys, 40 glory, a few glory keys etc. All the time. People only seem to remember the good stuff, but I remember averaging about 12 to 15 gems a day after refreshing the one I want the least. The days I got 3 gem tasks I was happy, 4 and I was super happy. Now I passively get at least 20 gems a day with out even thinking about it just by doing whatever I feel like doing. No more damn maps either. That is the best feeling in the world.

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Not sure if grossly exaggerating or weird RNG. :thinking:

I got stuck with the Khetar/Revenge task maybe once each month, probably less. Using the reroll, I almost always had gem/key tasks only, possibly with a gold task thrown in.

Yes I of course rerolled them but my point was that they existed. So only the traitstone tasks are new, not the soul ones.

I received the ‘3 Revenge Battles’ for 300(?) souls and ‘Change your Armor’ (for a Glory Key) tasks fairly frequently for the daily slot. Also an Adanan one for Gold Keys?

Also received (my favourite) ‘Forge a trait’ for 2 Gem Keys every now and then – on average, once a week, maybe?

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