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Rearrange world map left side buttons after 5.3

Can we rearrange the side buttons on the world map? The buttons for the adventure board, campaign, shrines, ads, and chat. On my screen at least, if any of those buttons are expanded, I can’t see the chat button.

Ideally I’d see the green exclamation mark when there’s a new message, but now I can’t because it is off screen.

I wouldn’t mind having some buttons off screen. For example, I don’t watch ads so that for me at least could be moved off screen. Chat though is critical.

Watch the ads.
They are now worth watching.

If you have time to make multiple posts about the ads on the forums then you have time to collect free resources and support the game now.

(For those who want to unearth old posts of me being against the ads… Go for it…I was against them because I knew if we didn’t watch them, they’d be buffed eventually… Now they are buffed… surprise.:slightly_smiling_face:)

I don’t have a problem with the ads. I just don’t want to watch them, no matter how good the rewards are. I already pay way too much money on this game. XD But the ads can stay, it’s fine. Something different for everyone.

I just want to see the chat icon and when I have new messages.

Okay well I want new players to know about the ads because the rewards are great for them. So I’m pro the exclamation mark staying now.

Along with the rearrange of the order, can we also get some consistency in the buttons that are used to view and move around in them. For those of us on Xbox, it’s really inconsistent. Sometimes it’s left bumper, sometimes right bumper and now the shrine just uses the A button. Please just make the menus on the left side use same way to be accessed and move around in them like the menus on the right hand side!

I think you are thinking of my other post. This one is just about the order of the buttons hiding chat.

That is what I was speaking to.

So no I’m not over thinking your attempt to surpress the green exclamation mark that you can easily remove by just watching the ads yourself. 🤷

Chat however…is not “critical” and speaks to something more concerning. But probably best not to press on that “exclamation mark”. :slightly_smiling_face:

As you are likely starting to gather I talk too much, so I click that chat button a lot. XD

Ideally nothing would be hidden. I mentioned that because it is likely the easiest to do.

I’m with Snooj on this. I click chat more than any of the other items circling my kingdoms. It would be helpful if they could move the shrine into “offers” where it belongs.

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