Kingdom Menu Button Swap Request

So once we complete the Kingdom Quests and any and all side quest that pop up that button now become useless. It would be nice to either shift that button to the left or just make it disappear and shift the Explore button to the center position.

The reasoning is simply to make it faster and less painful to trait farm. Rather than having to stick over to the explore button when a battle is over all we simply do now is press x and begin the next battle. However doing that you are promplty reminded that there are no more quests to do.

May I kindly remind that you have to finish all the quest in order to do the Explore anyways so it just makes sense to either remove the button or shift it over. I understand that in the future you may bring more quests back and I would have no problem seeing the button take over the top spot until the quests are done than either remove it or position it back to the left.

Please take this into consideration.

Thank you,


Very good suggestion. In fact it would be logical not to show the Explore button until the quests are done and then replace the Quest button with the Explore one - exactly because of the reasons stated above.

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The only time that wouldn’t make sense is when the initial quest is done, explore is unlocked and then they add a quest for a new Hero class. In that case, both quest and explore should be available.

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