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Move the "back/exit" button to the top right on all screens

Guild selection screen = top right
Guild information screens = top right
Guild wars screen = top left
Games selection screen = top right
Soulforge screen = top left
Dungeon screen = top left
Arena screen = top left
Troops screen = top left
Hero screen = top right
PVP screen = top right

It looks like screens with a back arrow (<) have it in the top left and screens with an exit icon (X) have it in the top right. The back arrow functions exactly like an exit button so I don’t understand why there are separate icons to begin with, but that’s beside the point. Can it just be made uniform that to leave the current screen, the icon is in the upper right? At least with the former UI it was consistent.

Thanks for the consideration :slight_smile:


I still click the wrong side then trying to exit most battles. >.<

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I can see the future.

@Cyrup responds:
This will all be fixed in the next update when the UI is completely moved over to the new format.

(This is a joke by me and in no way am I attempting to speak for or imply that Cyrup stated the above, I just think that is the only possible answer that will come out of I+2)


Bump for justice. Consistent UI is the only UI we should have.


Yay. Consistently garish with glowing buttons, illegible text and art obscured by icons, all fine so long as the exit button is in the same place :wink:

The best joke is that you think this is a joke. I foresee this is exactly the answer coming.

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I’m trying to suggest things that actually have a chance of being implemented. We can hate on the UI all day and it’s not going to change (though I do hope more readability fixes are made - I still have at least one guildmate who gets migraines).


Well I just accidentally hit the ‘refresh for 1 gem’ because of how inconsistent things are at the moment. Because there’s lots of X buttons in that spot. Sigh.


I’ve done that a few times and I have also clicked refresh a few times thinking the back button wasn’t working like how sometimes the mail button doesn’t work and I have to click it 10+ times.

I will agree to this idea and also add, don’t have a back button which goes to a screen that has a SPEND GEM button in the exact same location!

Yesterday, I spent a WHOLE GEM!!! :rage:

When I backed out of a PVP pre-battle screen to the PVP opponent selection screen, and my finger inadvertently double-clicked!!!

(Not a serious issue for me, but still an easy fix that should be considered.)

It’s such an odd decision. Everything on a computer or phone trains you to use the top right.

It also isn’t ergonomic. Most people are right-handed, hold their phone primarily in their right hand, and use their right thumb predominantly. To the extent anyone ever wants to use one hand, it’s impossible with the close button on the top left.