Reaching Champion Level 100

I just reached Assassin Champion Level 100, and I am disappointed. I thought reaching a class’s level 100 you would get a reward, bumper. Also keep getting Exp Pts, are they useful or no?

It does do a few things like unlocking the capstone skill in the tree. Assassin’s is particularly good with the % chance to kill. On top of that, maxing the Class is important for Kingdom Stars for unlocking progress past 19 stars I think it is. So there are definitely benefits that stem from putting the work in to max that Class.

As far as I’m aware, there is no current benefit to accruing Class xp for one that has been maxed, but IP2 have left themselves an open door in the future in case they want to expand how Classes work by not capping the XP gain at the max level.

I just thought maybe you might get some gemstones or some other resources. May I ask one other question? When doing the Hunting Task is there a trick to getting that particulier troop to appear? I usually reroll that task because they hardly ever appear for me, or is it just potluck? Thanks.

Usually the Campaign Tasks tied to hunting a specific troop, type of troop, etc. are tied to that week’s kingdom or, more specifically, to that week’s Guild Event. Usually, you’re able to just get many of these tasks done by just playing the current event with different team or weapon restrictions.

If it wants you to hunt a specific mythic, always check the weekly event first to see if they show up naturally there first. Otherwise, look at PVP as many players, including myself, set their defense teams to have the “hunted” troop of that week to help people get those tasks done.

You can always close the game before entering a mythic boss explore battle if it isn’t the mythic you are hunting (on the prebattle scout screen) as when you reopen and go back to the explore, the mythstones are there and the game reroll the mythic boss. Eg if you got ironhawk this week in Explore but are looking for Tina.

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Yes Tina was this weeks target troop and i expected it to be an opponent in the guild event but no cigar. So its repeating adana explore at high level (not plausible for low level players), or waiting for some kind chap who has added it to his firebomb pvp def team. Or reroll to a more “background” task (often my go to choice).

You CAN still have the boss battle with the mythic troop at low level explore, it just takes more battles to build up the mythstones to get to that boss chest.
I usually go to cPVP and just cycle through till I see it (whatever “it” happens to be that week), but you’re right in that it’s usually a pretty high level fight regardless of level.
Personally, I only re-roll tasks that will take more than 1 day to do (6 dungeon, 3 sets of daily boards, ect) or the delve battles over lvl 50, since I have all delves maxed.

I generally do the same but only during wars week when i want campaign done and dusted on a monday. I was still surprised that TINA wasnt an event opponent option this week. Thats rare.