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Rank 84! Nowhere to Hide is recruiting active members!

Is recruiting active members to join our newly revamped guild. Ideally anyone who joins NTH will strive to surpass our minimum requirements! With that being said, we’ve taken the REAL LIFE “have-to’s” into consideration when setting them. That way if you have a busy week, and less gaming time, our goals are still obtainable.

  • Guild Status
  • 26/30 Members
  • Rank 84
  • Level: 320* Grandmaster I
  • Daily Bonus +300% (G)
    Our goal as a team is to work together to earn 40K (S) every week.

Minimum Requirements:

We register for Guild Wars every week… All guild-mates are expected to set up strong defense teams before GW commence on Tuesday. Knock out all 5 of your battles on the same day you’re scheduled to fight the opposing guild. ** Although GW battles can be made up if you miss a day the points scored will not count towards our guilds overall score. (BTW… Battles earn you Seals, Trophies, Gold, Bonuses, & count towards yr PVP rank)

  • Seals: 800+ *Remember to collect/spend seals before Reset. **Any (S) collected but not spent will roll over to next weeks event.

  • Trophies 100+ *Arena is a great way to earn (T).

  • Gold 100K+ *If you’re still trying to level your kingdoms to 10, the (G) requirement can be lowered if needed.

Look at the big picture when spending gold on tasks, although residuals like keys, souls, etc. are cool, the real goal is to get the End of Task Bonus. These bonuses can increase the Attack, Armor, or Life for all your Troops for the next 7days.

  • Review Guild Chat Daily: For team updates & announcements.
    ** You can also join our Discord (optional)
    NTH from NINJA @ https://discord.gg/xjaBraN

  • Rank: Everyone’s rank will be reviewed/updated before Sunday’s reset. Any member demoted to Wyrmling will have one last week to meet/beat our guild requirements. At anytime you are more than welcome to concede your spot to a new warrior who’s ready to battle. :skull_crossbones:

  • Real Life Happens: If Real Life is gonna keep you from meeting our set requirements let me know asap, No Explanation Necessary. Just give us as much heads up as possible so our team can work together to cover some or all of yr requirements for that week.

If you’d like to join us & you’re not currently in a guild, message me your Invite Code. l’ll reply once your invite to join Nowhere to Hide has been sent!

Post will be updated as spots are filled or become available.

GM of NTH… NINJA :crossed_swords:

Hi Ninja,

You seem to have a nice guild. Let me know if I can join.

Active player, 1500seals and over 300 trophies per week.
Level 50 but strong guild wars player with over 10k points / week.
I plan to fully upgrade one kingdom per week so I’m looking at 40-80k contribution.

(invite code) RHYLSER

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We opened up a couple more spots for more active players. Let us know if you are interested.

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Nowhere to Hide has 3 spots left. Check out our guild requirements, and message me if you’d like to join us. I’ll send yr invite asap.

NINJA :crossed_swords:

Active player looking for a guild. I can meet your requirements. Invite code: CREVOLUTION



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Hi Cre’ sent yr invite. Cya there!

NINJA :crossed_swords:

We’re now recruiting active members to join our crew. If yr looking for a guild & want in, send yr Invite Code. NINJA :crossed_swords:

Nowhere 2 Hide has 3 open spots. If yr looking for a guild & want in, send yr Invite Code.


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Hi… I’m level 490… can definitely contribute. My invite code is GJ RAM - (GJ RAM and a space)

Hello, I am active and ready to be a part of an actually active guild. I can meet your requirements. My invite code is ZOEY_21

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Bubbly, Invite sent!

GJRAM, Im ready to send the invite once you leave your current clan, let me know and I’ll send!

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Nowhere 2 Hide has 1 spot open. If yr looking for a guild & want in, send yr Invite Code.


We did some house cleaning!

4 spots open.

Currently at guild rank 88

Active guild looking to fill back up.

Hi Lola/Ninja

I’m interested in your guild, newer player but active in an inactive guild, I hit 1.5k seals each week with approx 200 trophies. Gold im still levelling kingdoms but will give as much as poss.

Invite code is BOOZ_E1QM

Ninja I’m not sure if you remember me but I decided to start playing again I would love to rejoin the guild