Join our guild.. rank 124...40k... MANY legendary tasks weekly! ⚡

Competitive and fun guild, have a few openings this week!

No minimum req presently other than GW and use of discord, we are all a team and active -
Last week gold donated topped 35 mil
Come play with us as make our way to the top 100
We complete all tasks on Monday
40k every week
Top rewards

You won’t regret joining, take your game next level with us :zap:


I would like to join your team. Invite code is THERESE_35. Thanks!

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If you are still looking I would be interested in joining. I’m looking to move into a more competitive guild as I’ve reached level 241 in 8 weeks and getting a bit stuck with my low level troops. Max seals all but 1 week, average 250 trophies and complete GW every week.
I am a free player though so have not maxed kingdoms and can only donate average 110k which puts many guilds out of reach - unless you can advise how to earn much more in a week which I am happy to donate as much as possible whilst maxing kingdoms and all afterwards.

My invite code is lemming3k

Lv. 493 interested in joining your guild. i can also donate 150k/1000s/150t weekly (as i did before).

My invite code : MANKGAPORE 1