Nowhere to Hide - Rank 83 Is now recruiting active members

Hi Guys… I’m NINJA :skull_and_crossbones:️ the new GM of NTH. :skull:

We’re currently recruiting members to join our revamped guild. Ideal recruits will be active warriors ready & willing to work towards our common goals. :skull_crossbones:

Guild Status:

  • 15/30 Members
  • Rank 83
  • Level: 285
  • Grandmaster I
  • Daily Bonus +300% (G)


  • Red Guardian: +3 Attack
    Fire Mastery: +92
    Tribute Chance Bonus: 5%
  • Blue Guardian: +4 Armor
    Water Mastery: +89
    XP Bonus: 40%
  • Green Guardian: +4 Life
    Nature Mastery: +75
    Map Turns Bonus: +4
  • Yellow Guardian: +4 Life
    Air Mastery +80
    Tribute Amount Bonus: 7%
  • Purple Guardian: +2 Magic
    Magic Mastery: +82
    Souls Bonus: 40%
  • Brown Guardian: +4 Armor
    Earth Mastery: +78
    Glory Bonus: +1


  • Trophies - 200+ due Sunday by 9pm.

  • Seals - No set amount req’d. Just earn as much as you can & remember to collect/spend before reset, any (S) not spent will roll over to next weeks event.

  • Gold - No set amount req’d. Warriors will collaborate & all donated (G) must be applied to the Task/Bonus chosen by the Guild.
    **Remember residuals are KU, but we’re looking to achieve long term bonuses that will increases the Attack, Armor, & Life of all your troops.


  • All members will work together to earn/collect 40k (S) every Sunday before 9pm Reset.

  • Review our Guild Chat or our Discord (if available) after logging in. - NTH from NINJA

  • Everyone is encouraged to recruit new members. Pls be sure they agree to the guilds requirements. If you’re ranked above wyrmling you can send invites or post code in guild chat.

Rank will be reviewed/updated every Sunday before reset. Any member demoted to Wyrmling, is expected to step it up, or concede your spot to a member ready to meet guild requirements.

Note To My Team, If Real Life is gonna keep you from meeting set requirements, hit me up, no explanation necessary just give as much heads up as possible so our team can work together to cover some or all of yr requirements that week.

If you’d like to join us and you’re not currently in a guild, message me your Invite Code. I’ll reply once your invite to join Nowhere to Hide has been sent! :skull:

This post will be updated as spots are filled or become available. Thx.**

**_K Bye >.<

ASUS_6 here