NTH- Rank 82- 30/30 - (Full) ⚔️

Is recruiting active team members to join our revamped guild. We have a new GM & 25 new Warriors working together to ascend within the ranks. REAL LIFE was taken into consideration when setting our minimum requirements. Ideally anyone who joins NTH will strive to surpass the minimum!

Guild Status:

  • 29/30 Members
  • Rank 82
  • Level: 304
  • Grandmaster I
  • Daily Bonus +300% (G)
    As a team we work together to earn 40k (S) weekly.

Minimum Requirements:

NTH will be participating in Guild Wars every week… All members are expected to set up strong defense teams and knock out 30 battles by reset . (BTW… Battles earn you Seals, Trophies, Gold, Bonuses, & count towards yr PVP rank)

Seals: 800+ *Remember to collect/spend seals before Reset. **Any (S) collected but not spent will roll over to next weeks event.

Trophies 100+ *Arena is a great way to earn (T).

Gold 100K+ *If you’re still trying to level your kingdoms to 10, the (G) requirement can be lowered if needed.

Look at the big picture when spending gold on tasks, although residuals like keys, souls, etc. are cool, the real goal is to get the End of Task Bonus. These bonuses can increase the Attack, Armor, or Life for all your Troops for the next 7days.

  • Review Guild Chat Daily: For team updates & announcements.
    ** You can also join our Discord (if available)
    NTH from NINJA @ https://discord.gg/jCcKX3

  • Rank: Rank will be reviewed/updated every Sunday before reset. Any member demoted to Wyrmling will have one last week to meet/beat our guild requirements, or you can concede your spot anytime to a new warrior who can. :skull_crossbones:

  • Real Life Happens: If Real Life is gonna keep you from meeting set requirements let me know asap, no explanation necessary, just give us as much heads up as possible so our team can work together to cover some or all of yr requirements for that week.

If you’d like to join us & you’re not currently in a guild, message me your Invite Code. l’ll reply once your invite to join Nowhere to Hide has been sent!

  • **Post will be updated as spots are filled or become available.

GM of NTH… NINJA :crossed_swords:

Bump it up. I just joined here last week. This is a top 100 guild, needs some more bodies! lets go!

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Yr awesome Lola! :star:

I’m Interested, invite code is Josf

Cool I just sent yr invite Josf.


Hey I would be interested in joining as well. My invite code is SpartyxOn

Hey Sparty, invite sent, see you there!

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Hey! I am looking for a guild as well.

Cool message me yr invite code and yr in! :nerd_face:

Is discord a requirement?

I’d like to join I’m a level 56 right now looking for a more active guide on my mobile device I can meet those requirements. I’m also a level 1075 on the xbox one so I know what to do. My invite code is ForegoneQuincy 3

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@ Flakricket. No. But it’s there if you like to use it. 8)

Hi Foregone. Sent yr invite. Cya there! :nerd_face:

I can meet your requirements. Invite code FLAKRICKET.

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Cool Flakricket! I just sent yr invite. :nerd_face: Most of our members started this week and last week so we should be awesome this coming week. YaY! Now we’re almost full. Cya there.

Come join our revamped guild… 2 spots left!

All spots have been filled. Thx guys!

Nowhere to hide is now recruiting new members ! Scroll to top for the details on this awsome top 100 guild.

I can meet your requirements.
lvl: 218
All kingdom lvl: 10
Invite code DEPENDO

Dependo - check your invite code, Im trying to send you an invite but it says that name does not exist.

Also, room for a couple more members.