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Rank 175 (EDIT: Now 171) bracket 14 guild with room for 2 more - no set reqs, just participate!

My guild, mousey, has room for two more. If you’re an active player but can’t quite meet the demands of the top-ranked guilds, come check us out!

We are rank 175, bracket 14 in GW, and we get 10k-20k seals per week. Let me know your invite code if you want to join us! EDIT: We are now rank 171 & climbing!

Weekly participation in GW/RB/Invasion & weekly gold & seal contributions are expected. We have no set reqs, but anyone who consistently participates/contributes less than the others is removed.

Hey, I’m currently in a dead guild and interested in joining an active one. I’ve been playing daily for the past 3 months, level 352, with all kingdoms at 10. If you’re interested in letting me join let me know so I can leave my old guild guild. My invite code is ANDREW_JRMP

Sure, we’d love to have you. Lmk when you’ve left your guild, and I’ll send you an invite.

Great! I’ve left it now!

Ok, invite has been sent! Welcome to mousey!
We have space for 1 more if anyone else wants in.

I’m a level 351 and play daily. Looking for a guild that can reciprocate, got booted when I went on vacation and my global chat is down. Invite code is A Jazzy Penguin_CGJE

Ok Penguin, sending invite now!

I removed an inactive member of our guild yesterday, so we now have room for one more. Also, we’re on our way up — rank 174 now! If anyone else would like to join us, let me know.

Eu quero participar
Nível 584

Ok Sandro, I just sent your invite. Welcome to mousey!

Não recebi
Você pode enviar novamente ?

Sorry, I don’t understand. :frowning:

I removed someone else who never participates in the guild events, so we have room for 2 more at the moment if anyone else wants in.

Hey hey do you still have open spots in your guild?

Yes, we have room for 2 more. Send me your code, and I’ll send you an invite to the guild!

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Send you a pm

Ok, I’ve been clearing out the dead weight, so we keep moving on up! 2 more spots available in our now rank 173 guild.

hello new user in need of a guild currently level 106

We’re still improving every week! Up to rank 171 now with room for 2 more. Must participate in guild events & contribute gold & seals each week. Send me your invite code if you want to join us!

Want to join.