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If your guild is lousy, come and join mousey! (Rank 180)

Our very active guild, mousey, has room for 3 more. Bracket 16 in GW and we hit 10k seals per week. (We’ll easily reach 20k with your help. We had over 19,500 last week.) If you’d like an invitation, let me know your invite code and how much gold & how many seals you’d be able to contribute weekly.

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We are now rank 179 & bracket 15 in Guild Wars. We easily got 20k seals last week and should continue to do so now that we have more active players. We have room for 2 more if anyone’s looking for a more active guild.

Any open spots left , and if so are y’all still on track? Looking for a guild that can get at least 20k seals a week. Still pretty new, currently level 135. I play daily and hit my 1500 seals ever week.

Yes, we have one spot available. We are now rank 155 & bracket 8 in Guild Wars. We get over 20k seals every week. We would love to have you join us! Weekly guild event participation is required. I am heading out of town in about a half hour, so let me know your invite code ASAP if you want in. Otherwise, I’ll send it to you once I’m back next weekend.

Actually, if I miss you, I’ll see if I can get another player from the guild to check in here and invite you while I’m gone.

Message me your invite code I’ll throw you an invite perky is out of town.

Awesome sounds good. My invite code is XSLAYER SLASHX_GOM9