Active but easy-going guild (Rank 170, Bracket 12) has room for 2 more ~ EDIT: Rank 160, Bracket 11

Mousey guild is looking for 2 more active players. We have no set requirements but weekly event participation and gold & seals contributions are expected. Anyone who doesn’t contribute is removed for the good of the guild. We complete 1-2 guild tasks and earn 10-20k seals per week. If you play weekly and would like to join us, send me your invite code!



I tried to invite you, but you need to leave your current guild first.


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i found a new place already, sorry and thx :slight_smile:

Silverblade - If you’re still interested in joining us, please let me know once you’ve left your current guild and I’ll try to invite you again.

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If you still have room, just got the game, been playing the hell out of it, all the guilds I tried so far are dead.

illogic - I just sent you an invite. Welcome to mousey!

Thanks, I accepted the invite, didn’t let me join, just adds the guild to the search list and says invite pending, when I click join i get Error invite only, weird because I got an invite lol

That is really weird. We definitely have one empty spot left, so I have no idea why that would happen. I’ll try sending another invite. Maybe if you try again with a new one it’ll work?

If it happens again, let me know and I’ll report the error.

It worked this time, thanks


Pyro- we don’t have any more spots open at the moment, but we almost certainly will by Sunday. There are a couple of people who have been warned about their lack of participation, so if they don’t do anything this week, I can let you in as long as you’re able to participate in the weekly guild events.

Ok let me know thanks

Pyro - We have a spot available for you. Let me know if you still want in, and I’ll remove one of our players who never participates in guild events to make room for you.

Also FYI if you join, we’re all saving up our gold at the moment until we have enough to complete all the tasks in 1 week to get the Team Synergy achievement. So if you join, let us know in the guild chat how much gold you have. I’m keeping a tally so I’ll know when we have enough for the achievement.

looking for active guild; conventional guild search on console has been disappointing thus far. angelica the brave_7baf

Hi Angelica! Before I remove one of our current members who isn’t participating enough, let me know if you’ll be able to participate in the weekly guild events, and please make sure you’ve already left your past guild. Then I’ll send you an invitation to join us!

Yes, I am in. I’ve released myself from prior guild. In previous guilds I’ve been a solo artist, so if you could clarify the expectations that would be helpful.

Each week, there is a guild event where all guild members earn points to earn rewards for the guild. The events rotate between Guild Wars, Invasion, and Raid Boss. You’ll be able to access the events from the guild menu. I’m looking for people who will participate in those events each week in addition to contributing gold & seals. You don’t have to play a ton, as long as you’re earning any points at all toward the guild event, then you’re good. If you play at least a couple times a week, you should be absolutely fine.

If that sounds good to you, let me know and I’ll send your invitation. Our guild members are all super friendly & helpful, so if you have questions about any of the events, just ask in the guild chat box, and one of us will be able to help you out.