Active but easy-going guild (Rank 170, Bracket 12) has room for 2 more ~ EDIT: Rank 160, Bracket 11

Yes, I will be able to contribute. I am interested in grinding out the guild Cheevos and well as the level 250 and 500. Sitting at 200 right now. Beyond that I just like the game.

Ok, just sent your invite. Welcome to mousey! Please scroll back a bit in the guild chat to read about the achievement we’re all saving our gold for & if you have any questions, let me know.

If you are still looking for members, I am in a similar position to nuke22, mainly going for achievements. With the number of souls required for Xathenos its a long term goal! Can participate in weekly guild events. Currently in a guild with only 1 other active member so looking for a more active one.

Hi wembley - We have a few other members who have been warned about lack of participation in guild events. If they don’t participate by Sunday, then I’ll have a spot available for you. I’ll check back then & see if you’re still interested in joining us.

I am looking for active guild and will work to contribute to whatever is needed each week. If you have space for me.

Wembly - we have space for you now. If you still want in, send me your invite code and make sure you’ve left your current guild.

Acaraba - we’ll have space for you tomorrow. Let me know your invite code if you’d like to join us.

Thanks, I have left my previous guild. My invite code is ELK. (the full stop is part of the invite code). Re my gold total for going for the Team Synergy achievement, I’m currently on half a million, but if I focus on PvP this week it’ll rise.

Invite code: acaraba2

Not sure if you sent out the invite but it said invite pending but when I click to join it said error join by invite only

So weird. That happened to someone else too, but when I resent it, it worked. I’ll send it again, and hopefully it’ll work this time! If you get an error message again, let me know and I’ll report it.

It worked this time.

We are moving up quickly now that several more active players have joined. We are currently rank 160, bracket 11 (though I expect we’ll be bracket 10 in the next Guild Wars), and we’re consistently getting over 20k seals per week.

We have room for one more, so let me know if you want to join. Must participate in weekly guild events (doesn’t have to be daily) & contribute reasonable amount of gold & seals.

I’m interested in joining. I am only at level 85 and still leveling up kingdoms so contributing gold will be less regular but I easily play enough to get my 1500 seals for the week and a good amount of trophies. If there’s multiple spots free I have a couple of people in my current guild also looking for a change.

Hi Clown - low gold while you level up kingdoms is fine as long as you’re doing the guild events & getting a good amount of seals. Let me know your invite code, and I’ll send you an invitation. We only have one spot at the moment, but we have a couple people who aren’t quite keeping up, so we may have a couple more spots open up in the next week or two.


I would like to join! M3RC1LESSV1PER_EPZX. Please tell me when another slot is open so I know when to leave my current guild. Thanks!

We have a spot available right now, but one of our new members has someone from his old guild that he wanted to invite. If his friend doesn’t end up joining this week, then you can have the spot instead. I’ll let you know!

Thank you! I will be looking forward to the update.

Feel free to let Viper in Perky. My old guildmate has recently had a kid so they won’t be as consistent for a while.

Thanks for holding a spot just in case though.