Rank 153, Bracket 8 guild has room for 1 more. Check us out! 👀

Our guild, mousey, gets over 20k seals per week. We are looking for an active player who will participate in weekly guild events and contribute a reasonable amount of gold & seals. Let me know your invite code if you’d like to join!

We’re moving up! Now rank 152, bracket 7. Let me know if you want to grab our last remaining open spot!

Se puder me add josueratao

Hi Josue- We no longer have an open spot at the moment; however, we do have two members who have been warned about their lack of participation in guild events, so if they don’t participate in this week’s Invasion, we will have a spot available for you (and one other person) at the end of the week.

Also - we are rank 150 now! If anyone else wants the other possible open spot at the end of the week, let me know.

Obgd vou esperar

We’re now rank 147 with room for 2 more. If anyone wants in, let me know.